Research at AVC

The Atlantic Veterinary College is a leading research institute known around the world for its world class researchers and highly collaborative spirit. Driven by the desire to make a difference in our communities, AVC researchers are making significant contributions to advancing scientific knowledge.

Home to the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology, AVC’s research represents an exciting intersection of animal health, human health, the environment and public health. We are a cornerstone of Prince Edward Island’s thriving bioscience industry that has developed an impressive concentration of global research strengths at our doorstep. 

We are known around the world for our expertise in:

  • aquatic animal health
  • veterinary epidemiology
  • biomedical research
  • animal health and welfare
  • comparative biomedical sciences
  • infectious disease
  • public health

AVC Centres of Research Expertise

Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research (CVER)

CVER is a centre of expertise established in March 2007. The breadth and depth of expertise within CVER (including the Centre for Regulatory Veterinary Epidemiology Network) make it one of the world’s leading population health epidemiological research centres.

Visit the Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research website

Aquatic Virology Collaborating Centre

The strategic vision for the UPEI Aquatic Virology Collaborating Centre (AqVCC) is to consolidate work on aquatic viruses, and expand the research base within UPEI so as to receive recognition internally as well as externally.

Visit the Aquatic Virology Collaborating Centre website

Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences

The Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences at the Atlantic Veterinary College is an academic centre of expertise in finfish health research.

Visit the Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences website

Maritime Quality Milk

MQM focuses on milk quality and Johne’s disease research, the primary health priorities of the Dairy Farmers of Canada

Visit the Maritime Quality Milk website

Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative 

The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative is a collection of highly qualified people within a cross-Canada network of partners and collaborators dedicated to wildlife health.

Visit the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative website

Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre

The Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre (SJDAWC) was launched in September 2000 where it started life in 1994 as the Animal Welfare Unit.

Visit the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre website

Research Services at AVC

Through the Atlantic Veterinary College’s various Centres of Research Expertise, we are able to carry out innovative research and provide research-related services to industry, private companies, and collaborative partners. Other research related services exist through AVC Diagnostic Services, Toxicology & Analytical Services, and AVC's Specific Pathogen Free Laboratory. Being a modern, well-equipped facility ensures that AVC is able to offer state-of-the-art services to its clients.

From conducting diagnostic testing for clients around the world to developing molecular modeling and compound screening for pharmaceutical and nutriceutical industries, the Atlantic Veterinary College is sought out for its research capabilities.

For complete information on UPEI's research capability and accomplishments, visit UPEI's Research Services website.

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