AVC Summer Research and Leadership Program

About the program

The Atlantic Veterinary College invites DVM students (BSc students may be considered depending upon space availability) interested in participating in a mentored research program during the summer of 2021 to apply to our AVC Summer Research and Leadership Program. The program introduces students to careers in veterinary and biomedical research by incorporating a summer research project with a faculty member, which is complemented with a weekly lecture. Completion of this program will be part of a pre-requisite for a fourth-year rotation in research.

Goals of the program

  1. to provide each student with a summer experience in animal health or biomedical research.
  2. to provide each student with information about potential career pathways in veterinary medicine with a focus on post-graduate studies and research-related careers.
  3. to expose each student to important aspects of research, like ethics, IP, and research communication.

Students will work with faculty mentors and other research personnel on a specific research project for approximately 3 months, (May to August 2021). The program will also consist of a series of seminars and round table discussions on various aspects of research as well as give the students an opportunity to present their research results.

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