Community Outreach and Awards

AVC Friends and Family

We have so many wonderful stories to tell here at the Atlantic Veterinary College. Our faculty, students, and staff are doing great things to improve animal and human health. Visit AVC Friends and Family on Facebook to find out more.

AVC Community Workshop Series

Offered three times a year, the AVC Community Workshop Series provides the public with practical information about animals and their health. Faculty and staff presenters share their expertise in animal health and welfare with the community.

AVC Open House

On the last Saturday in September each year, we throw open the doors to the public during our annual AVC Open House, offering people of all ages—from babes in arms to seniors—an interactive and fun behind-the-scenes look at veterinary medicine. Attracting approximately 2,500 people annually, this student-organized event is one of the largest open houses in Atlantic Canada.

AVC's community outreach events are promoted through the media, and on AVC Friends and Family Facebook.

Alumni Awards and Recognition

UPEI recognizes its outstanding alumni through various events and awards.

Read about our various alumni awards: Distinguished Alumni Award, Inspiring Young Alumni Award, and the UPEI Alumni Association Legacy Award.

Atlantic Award of Excellence in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care

Established in 2005, this annual award recognizes excellence in veterinary medicine and animal care in Atlantic Canada.

Past recipients include Dr. Ross K. Ainslie (2005), Dr. George Irving (2006), Dr. Bud Ings (2009), Dr. Hubert Bennett (2010), Dr. James Goltz (2011), Dr. Bert Stevenson (2012), Dr. Jim Berry (2013), Dr. Ernie Prowse (2014), Dr. Hugh Whitney (2015), Dr. Alice Crook (2016), Dr. Helene Van Doninck (2017), and Dr. Étienne Côté (2019).

A call for nominations will be issued in early December each year. The deadline for applications is January 31.

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