Research Services

Welcome to Research Services at the University of Prince Edward Island. Use this site to navigate your way through research services at UPEI. Here you'll find out about funding opportunities, workshops, and important information about how to turn your ideas into innovation. 

Where to Start

Research Services – General Enquiries

The Vice-President Research is responsible for research administration within UPEI. Research Services consists of the VP Research and a team of administrative staff who work directly in support of research development and the administration of research funding. The office is responsible for:

  • fostering basic and applied research and building research capacity across campus;
  • acting as a liaison with granting bodies, contractors of research services, and other sources of research funding;
  • overseeing research polices including compliance and integrity responsibilities of the institution;
  • keeping accurate and up-to-date records for all research funding applications, contracts, grants, and ethics protocols; and, supplying reports on these activities to UPEI and external agencies;
  • publicizing UPEI's research accomplishments;
  • acting as a faculty resource centre on research issues (e.g., workshops, funding opportunity promotion, contract and budget development, dealing with the media);
  • nurturing research related linkages between and among UPEI and other academic, industrial, public and governmental sectors; and,
  • supporting and facilitating the transfer of research and scholarly knowledge and technology.

General Enquiries Contact:
Donna Lawless, Research Services 

Research Accounting

Research Accounting plays an integral role in supporting the research environment at UPEI by providing advice, financial accountability and ongoing management of all research funds. We work closely with researchers, administrative units, funding agencies and Research Services to ensure funding guidelines and policies are adhered to. Research Accounting manages the post-award functions for all research grants and contracts at the university. This includes monitoring cash flows and expenditures, communicating with funding agencies and completing financial reporting.

Research Accounting Contact:
Matthew Simon

Animal Care

The University Animal Care Committee has general responsibility for ensuring that the use of animals in research, teaching, and service at UPEI conforms to the rigorous ethical standards of the Canada Council on Animal Care.

Animal Care Contact:
Melissa Perry
ACC Administrative Assistant


The University of Prince Edward Island is committed to incorporating health and safety practices governing all personnel working with biohazardous materials in research and teaching activities at UPEI and thereby protecting the safety of University faculty, staff, and students, the public at large, animals and the environment. The Biosafety Committee reviews, amends and/or develops policies and procedures, reviews research and teaching related applications for the use of biohazardous materials, and in conjunction with the UPEI Biosafety Officer ensures that laboratories are certified and containment procedures and equipment monitored.

Biosafety Contact:
Rhoda Speare, Biosafety Officer 

Budget Development

Research initiatives often involve partnered funding and knowledge of a variety of various funders’ accountability requirements. 

Budget Development Contact:
Matthew Simon

Contract Research

Research Services is responsible for the primary coordination, negotiation, and administration of contract research agreements for UPEI. Researchers should seek the advice and assistance of Research Services before making any verbal commitments on contractual matters. Research Services will work with the researcher to negotiate a contract that will satisfy the research requirements in a manner which complies with the University's research policies. Research Service's early involvement will help streamline the process of review and signature, and help to avoid delays.

Any agreement pertaining to research or involving a “6” account will need to be forwarded to and approved by Research Services.

More information on research contracts here.

Contract Research Contact: 

Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Board is responsible for administration of the approval process for the use of human participants in research at the University of Prince Edward Island. All research involving human participants conducted by faculty, staff or students affiliated with UPEI must be approved by the UPEI Research Ethics Board. Research Ethics is responsible for ensuring that UPEI is compliant with external research ethics guidelines and requirements.

Research Ethics Contact:
Joy Knight, Research Compliance Coordinator 

Publicity and Promotions Officer

The Publicity and Promotions Officer, working with Research Services, coordinates communications, government relations, and media relations efforts that positively position research at UPEI. The Officer is UPEI's outreach liaison to the external media and ensures that UPEI's Research story is heard locally, nationally and internationally. The Officer also assists with lay language summaries and researcher profiles.

Publicity and Promotions Contact:
Dave Atkinson, Communications Officer


It is very important at both the grant application and post award stages that complete and competitive quotations be obtained for goods and services required. This is to ensure the costing is accurate, the best value for money is realized, and funder requirements are met. Procurement Services works with the researcher and supplier community to satisfy these requirements in accordance with proper process while minimizing the administrative effort for the researcher. The researcher controls the specifications and makes the final decision. Purchasing provides assistance to reaching these decisions.

Purchasing Contact:
Carolyn Garro, Procurement and Payment Services 

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Officer has general responsibility for ensuring that the use of radioactive materials at the University conforms to applicable standards. A radioisotope permit obtainable through the University Radiation Safety Officer is required for any work involving radioactive materials.

Radiation Safety Contact:
Debra MacDonald, Radiation Safety Officer 

Technology Transfer

The Office of Commercialization, Industry, and Innovation (OCII) works directly with UPEI researchers to identify, evaluate, protect, and commercialize the intellectual property which results from research.

Technology Transfer Contact:
Justin Moores, Director OCII