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Canada Research Chairs Program at the University of Prince Edward Island

Current Chairs

Every two years, the Canada Research Chairs Program performs an allocation review. Visit the results of the 2017 Chair Allocation for UPEI

Vacant Canada Research Chairs

  • NSERC #61
  • Special #1882
  • Special #1183
  • Special #1184

Flex moves available: 5
Flex moved utilized: 0

Past Canada Research Chairs

  • Dr. Crawford Revie, Tier 2
  • Dr. Sophie St-Hilaire, Tier 2
  • Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Tier 1, Tier 2
  • Dr. Michael Van Den Heuvel, Tier 2
  • Dr. William Whelan, Tier 2
  • Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, Tier 2
  • Dr. Cai Song, Tier 2
  • Dr. Alastair Cribb, Tier 2
  • Dr. Frank Berthe, Tier 2

Current Chair Recruitment Postings

Internal Postings

External Postings

Archived Chair Past Recruitment Postings

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Public Accountability and Transparency 

The Government of Canada and the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP) are committed to excellence in research and research training for the benefit of Canadians. Achieving a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise is also essential to creating the excellent, innovative and impactful research necessary to seize opportunities and to respond to global challenges.

For further information, see the CRCP's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices page.

Our commitment

UPEI is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion related to the Canada Research Chairs Program and the broader research enterprise of the university.  It believes in providing a positive learning and working environment where every person feels empowered to contribute and where all members of its community are respectful and respected as individuals. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture and to advancing diversity in all of its forms to leverage educational and institutional benefits.

Raising awareness of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion its benefits and our commitment

The University is committed to promoting awareness of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) concerns across the campus community.  UPEI established a Joint Equity Committee. The committee provides a forum for sharing information, generating discussion and fostering collaboration on matters related to the policies and procedures for equity related matters at UPEI.   The CRCs at UPEI will benefit from this institutional committee and its work. 

Training in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is provided to CRC search committee members. They are required to complete and declare they have completed EDI training prior to participating in any aspect of a CRC search. UPEI continues to explore more advanced training in this area for CRC search committees.

UPEI’s Faculty of Arts has and Equity and Inclusion Website, a place where UPEI faculty, staff, and students can share information and resources about equitable and inclusive practices and are invited to participate in conversation and engagement to learn about these important issues. 

Chairs at UPEI fall under the Faculty Collective Agreement and are protected under:

  • Article A-7 addresses Non-Discrimination 
  • A7.3 established a Joint Equity Committee to consider and recommend any policies and procedures for equity related matters and to ensure that training on any such equity related policies, procedures and practices is provided to committees considering selection, renewal, tenure/permanency and promotion.

Employment Equity at UPEI is about ensuring equity in hiring and employment. It is neither about discriminating against anyone, nor about sacrificing quality. Only qualified persons are to be hired. Therefore, the issue is the implementation of demonstrably fair standards and procedures. Please refer to the UPEI Gender Equity in Hiring and Employment Policy

UPEI addresses the recruitment and retention of CRCs in Letter of Understanding #2 in the Faculty Collective Agreement (CA), pages 150-152.

Governance for CRCs EDI Action Plan

UPEI is committed to providing an environment that affirms and promotes the dignity of human beings of diverse backgrounds and needs. 

The initial CRCP EDI action plan was developed by the Office of the Vice President Academic and Research with input from the active Canada Research Chairs and the UPEI Joint Equity Committee. It is approved by the Vice President Academic and Research with input from the Vice President Administration and Finance. Comments and recommendations for changes to the CRCP EDI can be sent directly to the Vice President Academic and Research. 

Contact information and resources for CRC EDI Complaints

The Vice President Academic and Research is responsible to ensure the Canada Research Chair Program Equity Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is applied to current and future Chairs. The fair treatment policy falls under the office of the Vice President Administration and Finance. Ms. Jackie Podger, Vice President Administration and Finance, can be reached at, (902) 566-0623.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, Canada Research Chairs at UPEI can address their concerns and complaints by speaking with their Chair or Dean or through the Fair Treatment Office, or 902-566-6498. Chairs are covered by the Fair Treatment Policy, which outlines the process and procedures for complaints, investigations, forms of informal and formal resolution, as well as reporting requirements and timelines. The nature of the complaint will determine the process, investigation requirements, resolution options, and level at which they are addressed. Once a formal complaint procedure has begun, each successive step should begin within ten (10) working days of the conclusion of the previous step until the complaint is resolved.

There are a number of resources related to fair treatment available to faculty, staff and students, including Canada Research Chairs.

Other contacts and resources include: 

Equity targets at UPEI

To see the CRCP’s statistics on chair allocations, visit CRCP’s Program Statistics. UPEI’s equity targets for its five allocated Canada Research Chairs is completed through a regular target setting exercise and the most recent exercise showed under-representation for one or more FDGs. Through broad outreach and an institutional commitment to recognizing the benefits of increased diversity to the institution and research excellence, UPEI will work to rectify this imbalance and recruit one or more under-represented group in the upcoming Canada Research Chair searches. Search committees receive training in equity, diversity and inclusion to ensure there is an understanding and appreciation of the needs and support requirements of under-represented groups.

During a CRC search at UPEI, applicants are asked to complete an optional self-identification form. This information is confidential and used internally to help UPEI ascertain if a broad audience is being reached and to help plan future searches.

Institutional EDI action plan for Canada Research Chairs

UPEI has created an Equity, Diversity and Action plan for the Canada Research Chairs and in December 2018, submitted a progress report on the plan and also updated the plan.

Managing CRC positions at UPEI

At UPEI, Canada Research Chair positions help to create hubs around strategic areas of research excellence. We strive to ensure that these programs include a diversity of perspectives in order to enrich the cultural, social and academic communities that we represent and serve, and we will continue to investigate ways to empower members of marginalized groups to make their voices heard within the CRC Program and beyond.

At UPEI, when a Chair becomes available, the President and VPs review the allocation and strategic needs of the faculties and programs. Deans receive a call for proposals and are asked to provide rationale and a strategy for the positioning the Chair within their faculties. Part of the strategy must include the plan to recruit targeted groups.  Historically, UPEI has used Chair positions as part of a recruitment strategy; however, faculties may propose that the position used for a retention strategy, which will be open to all faculty members. 

Upon review of the proposals and the institutions strategic plan, a decision by the President and VPs is made to support one or more Chairs. Following this decision and the process outlined in the Faculty Association Collective Agreement, committees are established, and the recruitment process may begin following Canada Research Chair nomination program details and UPEI requirements. 

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns related to equity and diversity with our Chairs program, please contact: Dr. Katherine Gottschall-Pass, Interim Vice President Academic and Research,, (902) 566-0561.

Alternatively, current faculty members may submit questions or concerns related to fair treatment, equity, diversity and inclusion to Susan Connolly, Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Legal; or, Patsy MacLean of HR Associates.