Residency (Master of Veterinary Science/Master of Science) and Intern (Post-graduate Diploma) Programs

Residency (MvSc/MSc) and intern (post-graduate diploma) offerings vary from year to year, but can include the following:

  • Residencies of two or three years’ duration, generally in conjunction with a Master of Science (thesis) or Master of Veterinary Science (non-thesis) degree program.
  • Intern (post-graduate diploma) positions in large-animal medicine and/or surgery of one-year duration.

Residencies are offered in a number of specialties, including aquaculture health management, large animal internal medicine, theriogenolology, and dairy herd medicine. Most residency programs are designed to assist in fulfilling requirements for examination by specialty colleges.

Residency and intern (post-graduate diploma) positions are generally advertised in the fall of each year to commence July 1 of the following year. Please contact the departmental administrator for more information.

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