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AVC Veterinary Summer Research Award (VetSRA)  is intended to enhance the engagement of veterinary students (domestic and international) in research and to complement the NSERC-USRA program. As such the award is restricted to veterinary students currently enrolled in the DVM program (must have completed (as of the start of the research award) at least 1 year of the DVM program). It can be applied to research conducted under the supervision of a full-time faculty member from any department. You must be available for 12 or more (depending on supervisor) consecutive weeks of research involvement (no holiday time) during the summer of 2020, be able to confirm a willing supervisor (faculty) at AVC and agree to participate in the AVC Summer Research and Leadership Program (including producing a scientific poster. More information on the application process for the 2020 program will be coming soon but you can review a list of faculty members who have already indicated an interest in mentoring a student next summer. We will update this as new research projects become available.

Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Summer Student Research Award is also available for summer animal welfare-related research projects at AVC. Further details will be coming soon.      

NSERC – Undergraduate Student Research Awards are managed centrally by the university. These funds are available to AVC and non-AVC students across campus to work with NSERC funded faculty.  The VetSRA has been designed to align with USRA such that if the project proposed by a vet student is with an AVC faculty member eligible to supervise USRA students, it will automatically be included in the USRA competition.  Although students may apply for USRA alone, the automatic inclusion of VetSRA applications in USRA competition means that the student must choose only one candidate supervisor for these two competitions. [It is not permissible to apply for VetSRA with one supervisor (i.e., who is not eligible for USRA supervision) and apply to USRA with another supervisor (i.e., who is eligible for USRA supervision)].  Further details on this application process will be coming in early 2020. Any questions can be directed to Leslie Cudmore (

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Veterinary Scholars Programs are offered at AVC and at other veterinary colleges across Canada and the United States. These programs are designed to provide enhanced exposure to career opportunities in biomedical and veterinary research. The programs provide DVM students with a stipend (matched with funds from supervisor’s or college research support) towards their summer research position. It also provides funding to attend the 2020 Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Symposium this year hosted jointly by The University of California, San Diego and Western University – AVMA, dates to be announced later.  Further details on the Boehringer Ingelheim Scholars Program at AVC will be available early next year, contingent on receiving funding. Check the website for details on programs at other universities.

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