AVC Open House

In late September, the Atlantic Veterinary College opens its doors and invites the public to come in and get a “behind-the-scenes” taste of the fascinating world of veterinary medicine. 

veterinary student with her face painted like a rabbit

Organized and run by AVC students, AVC Open House is one of the largest, most successful open houses in Atlantic Canada. People can see lots of different animals—large and small, have fun with interactive displays, learn about community organizations involved with animals and their care, and meet our veterinary students. One of the most popular parts of Open House is the Children’s Activity Centre, where kids can bring their stuffed toys for a check-up and treatment at the Teddy Bear Clinic, gown and glove like a surgeon, get their faces painted, and pick out a balloon animal. 

a veterinary student helps a child scrub in

It’s a great day! Don’t miss it!

Atlantic Veterinary College

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