Diagnostic Services Equipment Fund

AVC’s Diagnostic Service Unit is the major animal diagnostics centre for Atlantic Canada.

From infectious disease to toxicology to cancer diagnostics, equipment is required to keep this service functioning as an industry leader and a resource for the region.

The AVC Teaching Hospital is a hub for advanced diagnostics which serves clients and teaches DVM students how to work with cutting edge technology that will help advance their careers. Current donation priorities include Alinity i-Stat - Blood and serum testing equipment used for life-threatening urgent and emergency care in small and large animals.

Research Equipment Fund

AVC students and faculty are conducting many studies that will benefit animal care in in Atlantic Canada and across the globe, and having the proper equipment is imperative to their work.

Giving to this fund will assist with the costs associated with managing their research and helping them to maintain a world-class research environment, enabling researchers to make innovative discoveries that benefit small and large animals of all shapes and sizes, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Teaching Hospital Equipment Fund - Equine

As the only specialty referral equine centre east of Montreal, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of excellence in equine medicine and surgery in Atlantic Canada.

Our equine clinicians focus on both performance and pleasure horses. Current donation priorities include sport and rehabilitation medicine equipment.

Teaching Hospital Equipment Fund - Farm Animal

Keeping food and farm animals healthy protects the livelihood of family farmers in Atlantic Canada and the safety and security of our food.

Our Farm Services team and our Large Animal Hospital are dedicated to optimizing the health of cattle, horses, small ruminants, and other livestock.

Donations support equipment needs for this important work, such as ultrasound machines.

Teaching Hospital Equipment Fund - Small Animal

Like people, animals can face a long, sometimes difficult recovery from surgical procedures. An emerging area in veterinary medicine is minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

Using this technique, surgeons create small incisions through which they can insert specialized equipment to perform procedures, resulting in less pain and scarring, reduced blood loss, lower risk of infections, and overall quicker recovery time for patients. As a world-class veterinary teaching institution, AVC recognizes the importance of providing: a) our clients with this surgical option, when appropriate; and b) our students with an education in the use of these techniques.

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