Post-graduate Certificate (Veterinary Medical Internship) or Combined Master of Veterinary Science / Master of Science / Doctor of Philosophy and Clinical Veterinary Residency Programs

The Department of Companion Animals offers one-year Post-graduate Certificate (PGC) (Veterinary Medical Internship) and three or four-year combined graduate degree/clinical residency positions. The PGC positions provide immersive training in the areas of small-animal medicine, surgery, and anesthesia through didactic and case-based clinical training. There are opportunities within the PGC to gain additional experience in other specialty areas (e.g., radiology, dermatology, and behaviour).

The PGC provides advanced discipline training for doctors of veterinary medicine who wish to advance their veterinary practice education and experience or prepare for further advanced clinical training (e.g., residencies). The PGC is a college-level professional credential and affirms successful completion of clinical experience at an American Association of Veterinary Clinicians accredited veterinary medical institution. Participants in the PGC have access to a student health and dental plan.

Clinical veterinary residencies are directed toward advanced clinical training in specific specialties within the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) system. Residency training is meant to prepare individuals for specialty board certification in the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialists program. The advanced clinical training of the residency is always combined with a graduate degree (usually MVSc or MSc).

Available seats in each program are generally announced in the fall of each year to commence between late June and mid-July of the following year. Application for the programs are available only to veterinarians, and is done through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program (VIRMP) administered by the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians. Further details on these positions and information about the application process is available through the VIRMP website or by contacting the departmental administrator.

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