Faculty of Science

In the UPEI Faculty of Science, our strong focus on developing a personal experience for our students, in the classroom or in a teaching or research laboratory setting, is a point of pride.

This is science at its best—a cycle of learning and analysis leading us to answers and better questions. This is science at UPEI.

A diverse blend of programs combining innovative leaning approaches with practical, hands-on experience on the job, in a laboratory, and in the field.

Undergraduate and graduate programs

With close to 200 courses in many different undergraduate and graduate programs, the faculty of science at UPEI offers students a range of choices to fit their educational interests.

Research and collaboration

The Faculty of Science has a strong record of research activity supported through external funding. Faculty members carry out fundamental and applied research, both independently and through team collaborations.

Meet Ivan Yeger, fourth-year Environmental Studies student

upei science student ivan yeger
upei science student ivan yeger
upei science student ivan yeger
upei science student ivan yeger

Fourth-year Bachelor of Environmental Studies student Ivan Yeger talks about his journey to UPEI from his home in the Dominican Republic, and how the program is preparing him for success in his future environmental science career.


image of coloured blurred black hole
image of coloured blurred black hole
Physics 2920 – Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

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