Financial mathematics is the application of mathematical models to finance, usually to analyze markets and pricing. Financial mathematics uses techniques from mathematics, statistics, business, finance, and economics.

UPEI's Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics degree program provides a solid foundation in financial mathematics, leading either to a career in the financial sector or to further training in advanced financial mathematics. Financial Mathematicians are in demand as professionals who develop solutions for complex financial issues and they have excellent career opportunities following graduation as well as excellent co-op work opportunities during their studies.

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Course Structure

Note: Current UPEI students should refer to Student Planning in myUPEI and the UPEI Academic Calendar governing their entry year, and speak to an academic advisor about course requirements. The course structure presented for this program is a recommended, unofficial progression for prospective students.

Note: As per Academic Regulation 1h, all undergraduate degree programs require successful completion of IKE-1040 (new for students beginning or returning after re-application in Fall 2022); one of UPEI-1010, UPEI-1020, or UPEI-1030, and a Writing Intensive Course. 

Common Core

All degree programs in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences are built on a common core of courses that should be completed in the first two years of study. This common core consists of the following courses:


Course Course name Credits
MATH 1910 Single Variable Calculus I 4
MATH 1920 Single Variable Calculus II 4
MATH 2610 Linear Algebra I 3
STAT 1910 Intro to Probability and Statistics 3
CS 1910 Computer Science I 3
CS 1920 Computer Science II 3

One of:
UPEI 1010
UPEI 1020
UPEI 1030

Writing Studies
Inquiry Studies
University Studies

Total Semester Hours of Credit   23

Common Breadth Requirement

Students must take at least 15 semester hours of credit beyond the core course requirement in courses outside the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, and of these 15 semester hours of credit at least 6 must be from outside the Faculty of Science.

Common Advanced Courses

Students in all degree programs in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences must complete MCS 4210 Professional Communication and Practice (writing-intensive) and MCS 3050 Tutoring in Mathematical and Computational Sciences. 

Co-operative Education
Combining classroom studies with practical work experience

A student works on an iPad

The UPEI Co-op Program is an integrated approach to university education which enables students to alternate academic terms on campus with work terms in suitable employment. The success of such programs is founded on the principle that students are able to apply theoretical knowledge from course studies in the workplace and return to the classroom with practical workplace experience. Students who successfully complete all the requirements of the program will have the notation entered on their transcripts and on the graduation parchment. 

Students accepted into the program complete at least three paid work terms of normally 14 weeks duration, and three professional development courses. Credits earned through completion of work terms are counted as general electives.

The Co-op option is available to full-time students in any MCS Major or Honours program. Applications to the Co-op Education Program are normally made after completion of the first year of study. MCS students must complete 126 semester hours of credit in order to graduate with the Co-op designation.

Visit the Co-operative Education Program website for more information.

Requirements for a Major in Financial Mathematics

Note: Current UPEI students should refer to Student Planning in myUPEI and the UPEI Academic Calendar governing their entry year, and speak to an academic advisor about course requirements. The course structure presented for this program is a recommended, unofficial progression for prospective students.

The Major in Financial Mathematics requires a total of 120 semester hours of credit, as described below:


  Credit Hours
The Common Core 23
MATH 2910 - Multivariable and Vector Calculus 4
MATH 2620 - Linear Algebra II 3
MATH 2720 - Mathematical Reasoning               3
STAT 2910 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 3
STAT 3910 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics II              3
STAT 3240 - Applied Regression Analysis             3
MCS 2030 - R Technology Lab 1
MCS 2040 - Visual Basic in Excel Technology Lab 1
AMS 2160 - Financial Mathematics I 3
At least one of
AMS 4450 - Statistics for Risk Modelling or
STAT 4110

STAT 4280 - Generalized Linear Models 3
AMS 3420 - Introduction to Financial Derivatives 3
AMS 4080 - Financial Mathematics II 3
AMS 4090 - Financial Mathematics III               3
AMS 3910 - Mathematical Modelling 3
AMS 3310 - Advanced Corporate Finance 3
MATH 3010 - Differential Equations 3
MATH 3510 - Real Analysis  3
STAT 4330 - Time Series I 3
STAT 4410 - Stochastic Processes 3
MCS 3920 - Numerical Analysis 3
EC 1010 - Introductory Microeconomics 3
EC 1020 - Introductory Macroeconomics 3
ACCT 1010 - Introduction to Accounting 3
BUS 2310 - Corporate Finance 3

At least one of:

ECON 2510 - Money and Financial Institutions
BUS 3330 - Integrated Cases in Corporate Finance
BUS 3660 - Entrepreneurial Finance
OR BUS 3340 - Personal Finance

MCS 3050 - Tutoring in Mathematical and Computational Sciences 1
MCS 4210 - Professional Communication and Practice 3
Additional general electives         18
Total Semester Hours of Credit 120
Admissions Criteria
What's required for Science admission?

High School Graduates

Canadian High School Equivalency Chart

  • Grade 12 Academic English
  • Grade 12 Academic Mathematics
  • Two Grade 12 Academic Science subjects (acceptable subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Oceanography, Animal Science, Environmental Science)
  • One additional Grade 12 Academic course

Please note: Successful completion of Grade 12 Chemistry (or equivalent) is required as a prerequisite for permission to register in CHEM-1110.

Please refer to the UPEI Academic Calendar for complete admissions information.

Fees and Funding
Faculty of Science Programs Tuition

UPEI's undergraduate tuition is the second-lowest in the Atlantic region, and we offer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards. 


$6,828 per year, based on 30 credit hours ($682.80 per 3 credit course).
International students pay $8,010 per year in addition to full-time student tuition.

For a complete breakdown of part-time or full-time study as a student in the Faculty of Science, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Scholarships and Awards

UPEI supports you and your educational goals. We administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year. Depending on your faculty or program, and year of study, you may be eligible for available awards.

Search the complete list of scholarships for information and application forms. 

Celebrating Student Achievement

Including Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships and Academic Excellence Awards, these awards recognize the academic achievements of all students who meet the eligibility criteria while studying towards their first undergraduate degree.

Visit the Scholarships site for complete information.

Faculty Members
Your mentors. Our professors.

UPEI has about 250 faculty—exceptional scholars, teachers, and mentors, with more being hired each year as we open new, progressive, and unique programs. But the story isn’t just in the numbers. It’s in the quality of our people. Award-winning faculty from around the globe have made UPEI home. Here, you’ll learn directly from these world-class professors and researchers in small classes where you’ll have easy access to them.

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