International Student Employment Support Program

About the Program

A cohort of 40 first and second year international students will be selected to participate in a program designed to:

  • Increase understanding of Canadian and PEI labour markets
  • Develop a range of highly transferable employability skills
  • Build PEI network connections through volunteer and work experiences
  • Gain entry-level experience within fields and industries of interest
  • Provide opportunities for career exploration and goal setting

Program students will first participate in a series of professional development trainings. They will then engage in two afternoons of service where they will volunteer their time to support local organizations to learn more about Canadian labour markets and develop skills that are valued by Canadian employers. The students will then go through a realistic job search process to secure a 12-13 week internship with a local, private, public, or non-profit organization.

For private sector businesses, a 75% wage subsidy to a maximum of $5,400 will be provided, and for non-profit and public sector organizations a 100% wage subsidy to a maximum of $7,200 will be provided to support the hiring of the student. A minimum wage of $15 per hour is required and MERCs are to be covered by the employer.

Organization Eligibility

To be eligible, organizations must:

  1. Be located in Prince Edward Island
  2. Be a private, non-profit or public sector organization
  3. Have the capacity to supervise and mentor a student employee
  4. Be able to add a student to organization’s payroll & deduct appropriate MERCs

If you are interested in providing an internship opportunity for a program participant, please complete the application form by Tuesday, April 19, 2022, and return it via email to the Community and Industry Outreach Coordinator, Susie Zavala, at

For any questions, email or call (902) 894-2817.

yash gupta, UPEI student