Work-integrated Learning (WIL) Bursary

One hundred (100) bursaries valued at $1,000 each have been created for domestic students who are taking part in work-integrated learning as part of their UPEI coursework during the 2023 Fall semester.

Taking part in work-integrated learning projects and placements can sometimes involve additional costs for students (e.g., time off work, travel expenses, purchasing of work uniforms or supplies, childcare, etc.) so this bursary is designed to help students cover those costs.

Your work-integrated learning must be:

  • Connected to a specific course or program requirement
  • With a specific Canadian community or industry partner
  • Happening between September 1 and December 31, 2023

The application deadline is Monday, October 16, 2023 by 11:59 pm (AST).

International students are unfortunately not eligible for this bursary at this time.

Apply for the Work-Integrated Learning Bursary

Have questions? Email and we can help support you in submitting your application.

This project is funded by CEWIL Canada and The Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative (I-WIL) and administered by UPEI's Experiential Education department.


What counts as work-integrated learning (WIL)?

This grant focuses on four main types of work-integrated learning:

  1. Applied research or industry project - conducting research for a local company or community group
  2. Entrepreneurial WIL - designing or starting your own business with support from a partner organization
  3. Field placement - gaining hands-on experience outside of the classroom, in a setting connected to your field of study
  4. Service learning - working with a local organization to apply your knowledge

If you have a project for a course where you are doing hands-on work and partnering with a local business or community organization, but it doesn’t fit in those categories, you can contact us at to see if your project is a fit. [Note: Co-op work terms are not eligible for this funding.]

How does the application process work?

Fill out and submit the application form by Monday, October 16 at 11:59 pm (AST). You must be signed into your UPEI Google account to access the form.

Applications will be reviewed, and all applicants will be contacted on Tuesday, October 17 about their results. It will be important to check your email at this time! Successful applicants will be asked to complete and return additional paperwork by Friday, October 20. We will not be able to issue funds to students who do not return their paperwork by this date.

Funding will be applied to student accounts of successful applicants early November.

Does my student job count?

If you are working a student job that is related to your studies or are working in a student position, it does not count as work-integrated learning for this bursary unless it is part of your academic program. To be eligible for this bursary, your experience must be a requirement of a course you are currently enrolled in or a mandatory part of your program of study.

How will it be decided who gets a bursary?

Applications will be assessed to evaluate:

  • How funding will support the student in the WIL experience
  • The impact of the WIL experience on student learning, including:
    • How many hours students will be engaged in work-integrated learning
    • How relevant the work-integrated learning is to the students’ program

To increase participation in WIL programming amongst under-represented groups, students who identify within one or more of these categories will be prioritized for funding:

  • LGBTQ2S+
  • Living in a rural or remote location
  • Low socioeconomic status
  • Mature student
  • Indigenous
  • Black Canadian
  • Racialized person / Person of Colour
  • Newcomer to Canada
  • Student from refugee pathways
  • Student with a disability
  • Female-identifying or non-binary person studying STEM

Are graduate students eligible for this bursary?

Yes! Graduate students are eligible for this funding as long as they meet the other eligibility requirements for the bursary.