Community and Industry

Our department is committed to making meaningful connections to the broader community to serve both the needs of students and community members. Our offices include Co-op, Career Services, and Work-Integrated Learning and are centrally located on the second floor of Dalton Hall.


Ways to engage - Challenge: Access cutting-edge research and gain powerful insights by presenting students a problem to solve. Task: Get short-term help and offer students exposure to real-world tasks within your industry. Project: Leverage a broad range of student skills to advance a meaningful, small to large-scale project. Placement: Energize your organization by hosting a full or part-time student placement.

Engage now!

Submissions will be reviewed on November 1, 2020; March 1, 2021; and July 1, 2021 for each upcoming term.


Emily Anne Fullerton
Industry and Community Outreach Coordinator
Department of Experiential Education
Room 210, Dalton Hall