International Work Terms

Have you ever wanted to work in another country? The UPEI Co-operative Education Program offers its students the opportunity to complete a work term internationally. International work terms are a great opportunity for students to experience new cultures, meet new people, and gain global experience

A few things to note:

  • To participate in a work term abroad, students typically must have completed a minimum of one work term domestically.
  • Due to the investment made in travel, living arrangements, work visas, etc., students participating in international work terms have the option of completing either a four- or eight-month work term.
  • Students interested should notify the Co-op Office a minimum of four months prior to expected departure date. It takes time to make the appropriate arrangements to travel and work abroad.
  • Prior to applying to participate in an international work term students must have a valid passport or proof of application. Download an application for a Canadian passport.
  • Some students have benefitted from the information shared on SWAP Working Holidays. This site is geared to Canadians looking to experience a working holiday.

For more details on International Co-op work terms, please e-mail or drop by the Co-op office.

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