The Senate is constituted under the University Act and is responsible for developing and administering the academic policies of the University and for making recommendations to the Board on the University's administration and development.

The Senate determines courses of study and standards for student admission and enrolment, establishes procedures for the evaluation of student performance, and makes provision for the conduct and supervision of examinations. The Senate also deals with all matters arising in connection with the awarding of scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards.

Other responsibilities of the Senate include making regulations from time to time for the safe and orderly functioning of the University, issuing Academic Calendars, making regulations for the management of the library, and rendering final decisions on academic appeals and student discipline appeals.

The Senate comprises the President of the University; the Vice-Presidents of the University; the Deans of Faculties and Schools; the Registrar; the University Librarian and Director of the Office of Skills Development and Learning; six members of the student body, at least one of whom is a mature or part-time student or both; the President of the Student Union; one member of the Board of Governors; one member of the Alumni Association; and twenty-two members elected from the full-time teaching faculty.

Senate non-academic policies are published on the UPEI Policies and Procedures website.

Academic Regulations are published in the UPEI Academic Calendar.

Members of Senate 2022–2023

Ex Officio

  • Greg Keefe, BSc, DVM, MSc – Interim President
  • Jackie Podger, BA, MA, MIR, CMA – Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • Greg Naterer, PhD, PEng, FCSME, FCAE, FEIC, FAIAA – Vice-President, Academic and Research
  • Donna Sutton, BSc, MEd – Associate Vice-President of Students and Registrar
  • Sharon Myers, BA, MA, PhD – Interim Dean of Arts
  • Nola Etkin, BSc, PhD – Dean of Science
  • Deborah MacLellan, BSc, MSc, PhD – Interim Dean of Education
  • Tarek Mady, PhD – Dean of Business
  • John VanLeeuwen, BSc, DVM, MSc – Interim Dean of Veterinary Medicine
  • Christina Murray, BA, BScN, MN, PhD – Dean of Nursing
  • Marva Sweeney-Nixon, BSc, MSc, PhD – Associate Vice-President (Research) and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Wayne Peters, PEng, PhD – Interim Dean of Sustainable Design Engineering
  • Gary Evans, BA, BComm, MBA, PhD – Interim Dean of Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Research, and Applied Studies
  • Donald Moses, MLIS – University Librarian 

Alumni Representative

  • Sjors Reijers (2026)

Board Representative

  • TBD


  • Adam MacKenzie (2023)
  • Iyobosa Igbineweka (2023)
  • Hailey Hill (2023)
  • Owen Brown (2023)
  • Anna MacLaren (2023)
  • Sasha Nandlal (2023)

Elected by the Teaching Faculty

Term expires 30 June 2023

  • *John McIntyre, BA, PhD – English, ARTS
  • William Montelpare, PhD – Applied Human Sciences, SCIENCE
  • **Trung Ngo, BSc, MSc, PhD – Engineering, SCIENCE
  • Andrew Zinck, BMus, MMus, PhD – Music, ARTS
  • Richard Raiswell, BA, MA, PhD – History, ARTS
  • Kim Mears, MLIS, AHIP – LIBRARY (Faculty at Large)
  • Aimie Doyle, BSc (Ag), DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS-LA – Health Management, AVC (Faculty at Large)

Term expires 30 June 2024

  • Etienne Côté, BSc, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM and ACVIM (Cardiology) – Companion Animals AVC
  • Melanie Buote, BSc (Hon), DVM, DACVP, PhD – Path/Micro, AVC
  • Doreley Coll, BA, MA, PhD – Modern Languages, ARTS
  • Robert Dennis, BA, MA, MA, PhD – Religious Studies, ARTS
  • ***Carlo Lavoie, BA, MA, PhD - Modern Languages, ARTS
  • Barry Linkletter, BSc, PhD – Chemistry, SCIENCE
  • Cathy Ryan, BSc, MA, PhD – Psychology, ARTS
  • W. Ben Stoughton, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (LA) – Health Management, AVC
  • ****Andrew Trivett, BEng, ScD, PEng – Sustainable Design Engineering, SCIENCE (Faculty at Large)
  • Travis Saunders, BSc, MSc, PhD – Applied Human Sciences, SCIENCE

Term expires 30 June 2025

  • *****Christina Murray, BA, BScN, MN, PhD – NURSING
  • Bill Waterman, CPA, CMA, MBA – BUSINESS
  • Paul Bernard, BSc, PhD – Biomedical Sciences, AVC
  • Ann Braithwaite, BA, MA, PhD – Diversity and Social Justice Studies, ARTS
  • Rachelle Gauthier BEd, MEd, PhD – EDUCATION


  • Mike Arfken – President, UPEI Faculty Association

*Jim Sentance BA, MA, PhD (Sabbatical replacement for John McIntyre, BA, PhD – English, ARTS, July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023)

**TBA (Sabbatical replacement for Trung Ngo, BSc, MSc, PhD – Engineering, SCIENCE, March 2023–June 30, 2023)

***Laurie Brinklow BA, BEd, MAIS, PhD (Temporary replacement for Carlo Lavoie, BA, MA, PhD – Modern Languages, ARTS, July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023)

****Amy Hsiao BS, MS, MBA, PhD (Sabbatical replacement for Andrew Trivett, BEng, ScD, PEng – Sustainable Design Engineering, MEMBER AT LARGE, January 31, 2023–December 31, 2023)

*****Alyson Campbell, BScN, PhD (Replacement for Christina Murray, BA, BScN, MN, PhD [Interim Dean of Nursing], – NURSING, July 1, 2022–approx. March 31, 2023)

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