Members of Senate 2021–2022

Ex Officio

  • Greg Keefe, BSc, DVM, MSc – Interim President
  • Jackie Podger, BA, MA, MIR, CMA – Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • Kathy Gottschall-Pass, BSc, PhD – Interim Vice-President, Academic and Research
  • Donna Sutton, BSc, MEd – Associate VP of Students and Registrar
  • Neb Kujundzic, BA, MA, PhD – Dean of Arts
  • Nola Etkin, BSc, PhD – Dean of Science
  • Tess Miller, BSc, BEd, MEd, CE, PhD – Interim Dean of Education
  • Tarek Mady, PhD – Dean of Business
  • John VanLeeuwen DVM, MSc, PhD  – Interim Dean of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jo-Ann MacDonald, RN, PhD – Interim Dean of Nursing
  • Rabin Bissessur, BSc, MSc, PhD – Interim Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Wayne Peters, PEng, PhD – Interim Dean of Sustainable Design Engineering
  • Donald Moses, MLIS – University Librarian
  • Gary Evans, Dip CS, BA, HBComm, MBA, PhD – Interim Dean of Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Research and Applied Studies

Alumni Representative

  • TBD

Board Representative

  • TBD


  • Maggie LeClair (2022)
  • Adam MacKenzie (2023)
  • Jennifer Stewart (2022)
  • Susie Zavala (2022)

Elected by the Teaching Faculty

Term expires 30 June 2022

  • Bill Waterman, CPA, CMA, MBA – BUSINESS
  • Jonathan Spears, BSc, DVM, MVSc – Biomedical Sciences, AVC
  • Ann Braithwaite, BA, MA, PhD – Diversity and Social Justice Studies, ARTS
  • Anne Marie Fitzgerald, BA, BEd, MEd, Ed.D. – EDUCATION
  • Christina Murray, BA, BScN, MN, PhD – NURSING

Term expires 30 June 2023

  • John McIntyre, BA, PhD – English, ARTS
  • William Montelpare, PhD – Applied Human Sciences, SCIENCE
  • Trung Ngo, BSc, MSc, PhD – Engineering, SCIENCE
  • Andrew Zinck, BMus, MMus, PhD – Music, ARTS
  • Richard Raiswell, BA, MA, PhD – History, ARTS
  • Kim Mears, MLIS, AHIP – LIBRARY (Faculty at Large)
  • Aimie Doyle, BSc (Ag), DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS-LA – Health Management, AVC (Faculty at Large)

Term expires 30 June 2024

  • Melanie Buote, BSc (Hon), DVM, DACVP, PhD – Path/Micro, AVC
  • Doreley Coll, BA, MA, PhD – Modern Languages, ARTS
  • Etienne Côté, BSc, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM and ACVIM (Cardiology) – Companion Animals, AVC
  • Robert Dennis, BA, MA, MA, PhD – Religious Studies, ARTS
  • Louis Doiron, BScAct, FCIA, FSA, MAAA – Math and Computational Sciences, SCIENCE
  • Carlo Lavoie, BA, MA, PhD - Modern Languages, ARTS
  • Barry Linkletter, BSc, PhD – Chemistry, SCIENCE
  • Cathy Ryan, BSc, MA, PhD – Psychology, ARTS
  • W. Ben Stoughton, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (LA) – Health Management, AVC
  • Andrew Trivett, B.Eng., Sc.D, P.Eng. – Sustainable Design Engineering, SCIENCE (Faculty at Large)


  • Mike Arfken – President, UPEI Faculty Association

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