Campus Notices

We are looking for individuals to participate in a research study to evaluate the test-retest reliability of our driving simulator. 

In order to participate in this research project, you must be aged 18 years or older, hold a current drivers license, must not have suffered a concussion ever.

Those intersted in learning more about this study can contact Kenneth Murnaghan at 902-314-0325 or for more information. 

Or, just drop by after class. We are located in the lower level of the Steel Building.

This project has been approved by the UPEI Research Ethics Board.

 Speaker:  Dr. Md Kamrujjaman, Associate Professor,  Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Title:  Directed vs regular diffusion strategy: evolutionary stability analysis of a competition model and an ideal free pair.

Abstract:  In this study, we consider a reaction-diffusion competition model describing population dynamics of two competing species and the interactions between them in a heterogeneous environment. The main goal of this paper is to study the impact of different diffusion strategies on the outcome of competition between two populations while the first species is distributed according to the resource function and the second population is following the regular dispersion. We focus on how directed diffusion in the habitat influences selection. The two populations differ in the diffusion strategies they employ as well as in their environmental intensities. We establish the main results which determine that the competing species may either coexist, or one of them may bring the other to extinction. If higher carrying capacity is incorporated for the directed dispersal population then competitive exclusion of a regularly diffusing population is inevitable. We consider the case when both populations manage to coexist and there is an ideal free pair with identical carrying capacity, and the relevant coexistence equilibrium is a global attractor. The coexistence solution is also presented by showing the influence of diffusion coefficients. In a series of examples, the results have been justified and illustrated numerically. 

Learners assessing learners is a great way to promote active learning and collaboration as well as deeper content understanding. However, it can also pose a multitude of problems if it is not introduced properly and monitored correctly. This workshop will cover the basics of peer assessment as well as provide examples of peer assessment tools for face-to-face settings as well as online settings. Attend this workshop on either Thursday, October 31st or Wednesday, November 27th from 10:30 to 11:30 am in Room 265 of the Robertson Library. REGISTER

Speaker: Emily Pope, Biomedical Sciences

Title: Development of a Microbial Domestication (MD) Pod for the Discovery of Novel Marine Natural Products

Everyone Welcome.

On Friday November 1 at 3pm in HSB 104, Dr. Colleen Macquarrie, Dr. Sobia Ali-Faisal, and Dr. Scott Greer will be speaking (and inviting others to do the same) on "What do we mean by Decolonization and Indigenization: Conversations with Psychologists." 

The UPEI Department of Music, in partnership with Yamaha Canada Music and the PEI Symphony Orchestra, is pleased to host a brass masterclass with Montreal Symphony Orchestra principal trumpeter Paul Merkelo. Merkelo’s masterclass will give students of all brass instruments an opportunity to learn from a master performer and teacher. The class will be held on Monday, October 21, 9:30-11:30 am, in the Steel Recital Hall at UPEI. Admission is free, and all are welcome.

A branching scenario is online interactive learning content. It focuses on decision making, a skill that everyone of us has to do well in a variety of ways on a daily basis. A branching scenario begins with some sort of context-specific story with a problem to solve. The learner is given choices and is asked to make one. Each choice has a consequence which is the feedback that helps the learner to understand the value of the decision made. Each consequence produces new challenges and more choices. The result is that learners can practice making decisions and develop skills in a low-stakes environment. Branching scenarios are good lead-ups to clinics or simulations that prepare learners for real-world experiences they will have to face. This workshop will be offered on two separate dates. Once on Thursday, October 24, and again on Wednesday, November 20, in Room 265 of the Robertson Library. REGISTER

The Animal Welfare Journal Club will meet to discuss:  Lynn WS, Santiago-Avila F, Lindenmayer J, Hadidian J, Wallach A, King B. 2019. A moral panic over cats. Conservation Biology 33(4):769-776, available at: (Note: This is a rebuttal essay; the original opinion piece is included.) 

Tuesday, October 29, 12:30-1:15 pm, AVC 278N

The Animal Welfare Journal Club meets approximately once a month to discuss scientific articles related to animal welfare. Everyone is welcome to attend and to propose articles for future discussion. Contact for more information. The club is co-hosted by AVC’s Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre and Animal Welfare Club.

The Faculty of Science Graduate Studies Committee invites the campus community to the next Environmental Sciences/Human Biology seminar on Friday, October 18, 2019 at 12:30 pm in the Duffy Science Centre, room 204.

Dr. Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will present “What is a weed scientist, and what do they do?” 

All are welcome.

The seminar by Dr. Ngo on "preparing a good PhD/Master study plan" has been postponed to Winter semester.

Dr. Malinda S. Smith, professor of political science, and a Provost Fellow EDI Policy, University of Alberta, will give a public talk called “Equity, Diversity, and Decolonization in Higher Education: An Agenda for Change,” on Wednesday, October 23, 4 pm, in AVC Lecture Theatre A. She will talk about her recent research and offer a critical assessment of the status of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) programs and initiatives in Canadian higher education.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Dr. Smith’s lecture is co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice-President Academic and Research, the UPEI Faculty Association, and the Diversity and Social Justice Studies program.

The deadline for Animal Care Protocol Submissions (new, renewal, or amendment) is Friday, November 1st for the November meeting.

Ensure you download the current forms from, use the most current Adobe Reader to complete forms (only current forms will be accepted).  To view any UPEI ACC SOPs and Codes of Practice, they can be accessed through myUPEI at

Both the signed hard copy and electronic protocol submission must be submitted by the deadline date.

  • Submit one copy of original protocol with signature to AVC - North Annex, Biomedical Sciences Dept., Rm 2302
  • Submit an electronic copy to

 ​​​​​​Those protocols received after the deadline will be reviewed the following month.  The Committee requires at least one month for processing applications.

 For more information, please contact Sherri Pineau, ACC Administrative Assistant at 902-566-0973.

Please welcome new staff members Lily Reaman, Program Officer and Melanie Faye, Administrative Assistant who will be located on the second floor of McDougall Hall, offices 224 & 225. 

Sherilyn Acorn Leclair will take on management of OCEPD in addition to her International Liaison and Study & Stay portfolio and will work in collaboration with the Department of Experiential Education and Work Integrated Learning on non-credit programming. 

To learn more please visit  The site will be refreshed with new content in the coming weeks.

Several staff from UPEI's Office of Experiential Education will be attending an online Professional Development session offered as part of CEWIL's Annual General Meeting. The session will take place on Thursday, October 17 from 4-6pm (AST). Details of the sessions, as well as the rest of the AGM details, can be found at If you are a faculty or staff member who is interested in learning more about models of work integrated learning, feel free to join us in Memorial Hall, Room 308, to listen in. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shannon Snow at


On Wednesday October 16 at 3pm, in HSB 104, Dr. Ben Kuo from the University of Windsor will be speaking on the relationship between culture and coping styles in his talk: "Culture and Coping: International programmatic research to examine collective coping." 

In this presentation, we will explore the issues frequently encountered by thesis/dissertation supervisors and their students who are researching and writing in their second language. The presentation focuses on practical strategies, suggestions, and resources (for the supervisor and the student) as recommended by Brian Paltridge and Sue Starfield in their text "Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language: A Handbook for Supervisors".

The PEI History of Medicine Society, the UPEI Department of History, and the Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation are pleased to co-host this year's Macphail Memorial Lecture by Dr. Sasha Mullally, Foreign Practices: Physician Immigration and the History of Medicare in Canada. Hailing from Gowan Brae, PEI, Dr. Mullally is a professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at UNB, and a former President of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine. Her talk will examine several extremely topical issues, including immigration (particularly the so-called 'global search for talent') and the history of Medicare (with a special interest in problem of recruiting and retaining doctors in under-serviced areas, notably Atlantic Canada). There will be a cash bar reception at the Homestead at 6:30, with the lecture beginning at 7:00. Funding support from the Robert Pope Foundation for this lecture is gratefully acknowledged. 

The Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering invites the campus community to this week's Graduate Research Seminar by Dr. Trung Dung Ngo, Associate Professor, entitled "How to prepare a good PhD/Master study plan".

This event is Wednesday, October 16 at 11:30 am (please note the change in time) in the FSDE building, room 212. 

Everyone is welcome.

Effective October 6, 2019, employees who enter a timesheet through Campus Login (Aestiva) will now enter hours through the new "Employee Time Entry" system, which will be accessible through myUPEI.  The "Employee Time Entry" link is posted in the "Employee Toolbox" under the "Time and Leave Information" section as well as the "Student Toolbox".

We ask that all staff and student employees who submit hours, and supervisors responsible for approving hours, make every effort to attend a training session as we will be demonstrating how to submit hours and approve hours. For those employees and supervisors who have not yet attended a training session, there is still training sessions scheduled and available for you to attend.  Please click on the link to sign up for a training session:


Please note the following time-entry requirements for the following payroll periods:

  1. November 1, 2019 pay — hours worked from October 6 to October 19 will be entered in the new "Employee Time Entry" system that will be accessible through myUPEI. Deadline for hours/approval is October 21, 2019.
  2. Effective October 7, 2019 — Employees, who previously submitted overtime hours through a timesheet accessible through Campus Login (Aestiva), will now submit these hours through the "Employee Time Entry (Exceptions)" form located on the "Employee Toolbox" of myUPEI.


On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, ITSS will be performing maintenance on our campus DNS (domain name system) servers between 8 pm and 11:59 pm. Devices on campus that are connected to wireless or wired networks may experience intermittent delays when communicating with websites or services during this time.Off-campus access to UPEI websites and services will be unaffected.

If you receive an error message and are unable to access a service during this window, please wait at least five minutes and try again until you are successful.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITSS Help Desk at 902-566-0465.