Advertising and Marketing

In addition to leading institutional brand and marketing initiatives, we have an array of services available to help you with your advertising and marketing projects including creative services, production management, website management, and email marketing.

Some things to consider before contacting the Marketing and Production unit:

Goals and Metrics

What do you hope to accomplish? What is your call to action? What do you hope recipients will do after seeing and reading your content? How will you measure success?


Who are you trying to reach? Are they internal or external to the UPEI community or both? The more you can tell us about your audience(s) age, location, and affinities, the better we can help you choose the best channel to reach them.


When do you need your project? Timelines vary widely based on the scope of a project. 


How much money do you have available to spend on the project? Our services are offered at no charge and we support UPEI faculties, schools, and departments with a central marketing budget, but you will need to pay for printing expenses, the purchase of stock photography if required, and advertising costs for any additional projects. We will solicit printing quotes and select an appropriate vendor but need to have an idea of your budget before proceeding with a project.

Content Development

If you have a print or web job, are you providing copy? Our team can provide writing assistance but need to have time built into the process. We always provide editing assistance to ensure clarity and adherence to established UPEI editorial standards.