Certificate in Conflict Resolution

Overview: Conflict and dispute are a natural part of life and are often found in the workplace. Conflict itself can be a healthy thing, but it also can be very destructive. How conflict and dispute are resolved can ultimately determine the success or downfall of your work environment. The Certificate in Conflict Resolution program will provide the practical skills required to turn conflict in the workplace into a positive, instead of allowing it to decay morale and productivity. Areas such as conflict theory, managing different types of people, communication within conflict, having difficult conversations, restorative dialogue plus Indigenous approaches to conflict resolution, will be examined and discussed in detail.

At the end of the Certificate in Conflict Resolution, participants will have the skills and confidence necessary to resolve conflict, mediate and bring together opposite parties within the workplace.

Please note that completion of the Foundations of Conflict Resolution is mandatory to register and complete any other courses within this Certificate program.

Designed for: Managers, team leaders, supervisors, human resources personnel, union representatives, and anybody who works with other people.

Type of Delivery: In-person.

Duration: Seven courses for 48 hours; five courses take one day (six hours), and two courses take one-and-a-half days (nine hours)

Facilitators: Jacinta Gallant, Bethany Knox, Julie Pellissier-Lush.

Cost: $2,500 for the entire certificate; $549 plus HST for all courses except the Foundations of Conflict Resolution, Handling Difficult Conversations, and Restorative Dialogue courses, which are $799 plus HST. 

More information:

Certificate in Conflict Resolution flyer (.pdf)