Entrance Award Cycle

The Entrance Award Cycle is now open for Fall 2024.

The UPEI Entrance Award Cycle Application Form is available for Fall 2024 undergraduate applicants. To be considered for numerous UPEI general entrance scholarships, complete the online UPEI Entrance Award Cycle Application Form linked below and submit a full application package by the March 1 deadline.

The main application process for the Entrance Award Cycle is now closed.

Beginning in advance of the Winter 2025 semester, the link to the main Entrance Award Cycle application form will once again be made available for submissions. The electronic application form will be posted in December 2024 and applications must be submitted by the annual March 1 deadline.

Contact the Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Aid office at scholarships@upei.ca if you have any questions.

There are additional significant donor-funded awards, including renewable scholarship opportunities, which require a separate application. These separate application awards may also require additional material, such as personal statements or reference letters, and are listed on this page by deadline. Separate application packages should also be submitted to scholarships@upei.ca.

March 1

May 1

Students entering UPEI directly from high school are automatically considered for the Celebrating Student Achievement – Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships based on their application for admission to the university. Visit our webpage to learn more about these automatic awards.

Entrance awards for international students, funded by the University of Prince Edward Island, are granted annually to international students who join UPEI from high schools in Canada or other countries.