2nd Semester (Winter) Award Cycle

The online application portal for the 2nd Semester (Winter) Award Cycle is now closed.

Beginning in advance of the Winter 2025 semester, the link to the 2nd Semester (Winter) Award Cycle application portal will once again be activated and made available for submissions. The online application portal will open annually for this cycle by January 1 and applications must be submitted by the standard February 1 deadline.

Contact the Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Aid office at scholarships@upei.ca if you have any questions.

The following Winter semester awards require a separate application from the electronic submission process. You can find additional information on the awards by reviewing the list and clicking the links provided. Deadlines vary across the Winter semester and awards are listed beneath their deadline month. (*Note: awards from previous cycles in the academic year may have earlier deadlines listed which means they are being re-advertised for the standard February 1 deadline).