Awarding Scholarships to International Students

Entrance scholarships for academic excellence for international students, funded by the University of Prince Edward Island, are awarded annually to international students who join UPEI from high schools in Canada or other countries. The scholarship amounts range from $1,000 to $3,000. The following eligibility criteria apply to the entrance scholarships for academic excellence for international students at UPEI:

  1. Hold a valid Canadian study permit;
  2. Demonstrate strong academic performance in high school academic achievement, with converted averages between 90% and 100% (or equivalent GPA), and/or are among the top 5% to 10% of their class rankings; 
  3. Participate in extracurricular activities and experiences, such as volunteering experiences, tutoring initiatives, sports activities, arts talents, and/or other relevant experiences;
  4. Provide strong recommendations from teachers or instructors who have direct experience with students’ academic activities and performance;
  5. Exhibit strong English language skills, that have prepared students for rigorous academic explorations;
  6. Show strong potential for future academic development, leadership, and other areas of contributions to the global society.  

The scholarship will be credited to the recipient’s UPEI account to be used as part of her/his tuition and fees at UPEI.

After international students finish their first-year studies at UPEI, they can participate in "Celebrating Student Achievement", UPEI's new guaranteed scholarship program for undergraduate students.

Refer to the following chart for Academic Excellence Awards available to second-, third-, and fourth-year undergraduate international students:

Average             Guaranteed Scholarships
80.00–84.99       $500
85.00–89.99       $1,000
90.00–94.99       $2,000
95.00–100.00     $3,000  

In addition to the entrance scholarships and merit-based scholarships for students in second, third, and fourth years, there are other designated scholarships that international students can apply. For more details, please refer to our main Scholarships and Awards page.

The number of scholarships to be awarded depends on the availability of funds and other factors. For any questions about the entrance scholarship, please contact UPEI at