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Bruce James Dewar Memorial Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1,000
Grad Studies at UPEI
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: 01-Feb
Occasion: Winter
Scholarship Type: Award
Description: Granted to a graduate student registered in the first two years of a Masters or first three years of a PhD at UPEI and their focus is biochemistry or environmental sciences. The recipient must demonstrate 1) superior academic performance through the final years of their undergraduate degree and during their current graduate studies and 2) superior research potential through a letter from the student describing their research interests.
Background: Marylou Hughes has made her mark in many ways on the University of Prince Edward Island. An active alumna, volunteer, and donor, Marylou's presence is strongly felt across campus. In addition to numerous other areas of support, Marylou has established a scholarship in memory of the son of her dear friends Edgar and Brenda Dewar. Bruce grew up in Nova Scotia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, graduating from Dalhousie University in biochemistry in 1995 which lead to his career in Environmental Remediation with three Alberta companies; EBA, Stantec and finally as Senior Environmental Scientist at AMEC, Calgary. His first job after graduation saw him living in his truck following the oil rigs throughout Alberta ensuring the farmlands used by the oil companies were returned to good, often better, crop production than previously. Years later his most public recognition was for work restoring Canada's first major oil field Turner Valley to become a tourist destination historic site. His funeral was held just across the street from his last project, the clean-up of a Calgary city block that had housed a dry cleaning business for several generations. Bruce had little sympathy for ?green? alarmists but he was adamant that we use natural resources with great care. And of course, his last years suffering from glioblastoma re-enforced his life-long enthusiasm for medical research. Bruce's daughter Leila and his widow Amber now live in PEI, Dewars? home for many generations.
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