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Reverend Vincent Murnaghan Memorial Scholarship
Maximum Amount: $1000.00
Application Form: Application Form
Deadline: Feb 1
Occasion: Spring Bursary (Financial Need)
Process: Interview process with the selection committee is a requirement
Scholarship Type: Scholarship
Description: Awarded to a qualified refugee or foreign student who displays commitment to working for social justice and to improving the living conditions in the community and on the planet, and who demonstrates high academic achievement or evidence of academic potential.
Background: The Reverend Vincent Murnaghan Memorial Scholarship was established by the Cooper Institute in conjunction with the University of Prince Edward Island. Father Murnaghan was a Professor of Commerce of St. Dunstan's University and also served as an administrator within the Commerce faculty. He resigned from SDU in 1969. Father Murnaghan died in November 2001. Shortly before he died he was honoured by UPEI as a Founder at the University's second Founder's Day celebration. In his response to the citation, he shared with the audience his dream for UPEI--that it would be the first university in Canada to offer free tuition. Father Murnaghan was also a founding member of Cooper Institute. He firmly believed in the power of oppressed and marginalized people to create social change, which is one of the goals of Cooper Institute. He also believed that people who receive formal education should be expected to share their experiences and learnings with others who do not have this opportunity. One of Father Murnaghan's special interests was Third World development. He had spent five years as a missionary in the Dominican Republic. He developed a compassion for the disadvantaged people there, and extended that compassion to people of other developing countries and to disadvantaged sectors in Canada.
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