Certificate in Professional Communications

Overview: Communication is critical to success in every field, especially in business and the workplace. In this Certificate program, participants will gain knowledge and practical experience in all key areas of communication, including proper workplace writing, public speaking and presentation skills, blog posts, websites, social media and other forms of communication essential to functioning and growth in the professional world, as well as in-depth communication plans. This Certificate is hybrid in nature – some content is online and asynchronous and some content is in-person.

*Please note – if you already have completed the Intro to Workplace Writing course, you can take the rest of the Certificate and the price of the Intro to Workplace Writing course will be subtracted from the cost.

Designed for: People who deal with communication in businesses/organizations and in the workplace, from administrative professionals to communication officers, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Type of Delivery: Virtual and in-person.

Duration: Three courses for a total of approximately twenty-eight hours.

Facilitators: Christine Gordon Manley, Jennifer Paynter, Ann Worth

Cost: $1,800 for the entire certificate; $599 plus HST for Intro to Workplace Writing, $499 plus HST for Event Communications, $720 plus HST for Public Speaking Fundamentals.

More information:

Certificate in Professional Communications flyer (.pdf)


Course Dates Status
Intro to Workplace Writing
Online (duration of six weeks)
Event Communication
Room 102, UPEI Alumni Hall; 12:00–4:00 pm