Participant Testimonials

“This was my first class with UPEI in the New Managers program. UPEI did a great job at sending out emails prior to the classes starting so we could get set up and test our equipment. Everyone was great to deal with and Laura did a great job conducting the class. The classes started and it was a great platform, even if you didn't have a mic or a video camera you were able to interact with the break out groups. Enjoyed the experience and this is a great way to learn.”

– Lorraine Thompson, New Managers Certificate 

“I strongly believe that if you are considering moving into or have been placed into a Manager’s role that the New Managers program is extremely helpful. I acquired many ideas and helpful hints in dealing with difficult situations and people. I feel much more confident with decision making and I am not as stressed as I was before I took this course. I had a really good experience that I really enjoyed.”

– Wanda Gaudet, New Managers Certificate