Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Training

The Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development (OCEPD), in partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), is launching a new and comprehensive training opportunity for Canadian employees.

With the introduction of Bill C-65—which includes an updated definition of harassment and violence—the completion of workplace harassment and violence prevention training more recent than January 2021 is now mandatory for all federally regulated industry employees within Canada. The mandate for this grant project also includes creating a new informational website to serve as a resource for Canadian employees.

three workers in hardhats looking at a worksite

What does the “Safe Workspaces” program entail?

  • Employee Training – Available in February 2024 in English and French
    • Online in three (3) formats:
      • An interactive training course to be completed in stages at the participant’s chosen pace.
      • An accessible voiced-over presentation that can be downloaded and completed at the participant’s chosen pace.
      • Virtual facilitated sessions (approximately 3 hours).
    • Three-year certification.
    • Free for first-time registrants.*

If an organization is interested in having an external facilitator deliver in-person training to employees, please contact

  • Train-The-Trainer – Available in February 2024
    • A full-service training course for facilitators interested in providing training to their employees or the employees of other organizations. This training includes access to the online learning platform and a comprehensive training manual and facilitation guidebook.
    • Free for first-time registrants.*

*Free training is available for first-time registrants who are currently employed in one of the four federally-regulated industries noted above. If you are a subcontractor hired to work on a job site that falls into one of these categories, you may also qualify for free training. Please contact for more information.

  • An Informational Website (English and French) -
    • Information for federal employees.
    • Information for newcomers to Canada.
    • Mental health resources by province.
    • Information on how to apply to become a facilitator.

Who is this training designed for?

This training, while applicable to all employees in any workplace, has examples, scenarios, resources, and reporting mechanisms specific to the following federally regulated industries:

  • Marine shipping, ferry, and port services
  • Air transportation (including airports, aerodromes, and airlines)
  • Canals, pipelines, tunnels, and bridges (crossing provincial borders)
  • Railway and road transportation that involves crossing provincial or international borders

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This training and the informational website have been developed and delivered by the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development at UPEI, with funding from the Workspace Harassment and Violence Prevention Training Fund from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).