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UPEI engineering student Yvan in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building lobby
Aug 15, 2023 | UPEI Viewbook 2024

Meet Yvan, Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering graduate (Class of 2023). Originally from Mauritius, Yvan had always wanted to come to Canada for university, and discovered UPEI's Engineering program was a perfect match.

a UPEI chemistry student in a lab
Aug 10, 2023 | UPEI Viewbook 2024

Meet Carter, a student in UPEI's Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program. Originally from Stratford, PEI, Carter participated in a Study Abroad trip to Belgium last year.

UPEI business student Ehimen in Don and Marion McDougall Hall
Aug 8, 2023 | UPEI Viewbook 2024

Meet Ehimen, Bachelor of Business Administration program graduate (Class of 2023). He's focused on a career in the music industry as a rapper and producer. 

Tanner speaking with another student in a UPEI student lounge
Aug 3, 2023 | UPEI Viewbook 2024

Meet Tanner, DSJS and Philosophy student at UPEI. Tanner is from Goose River, PEI, and hopes to work in human rights, child advocacy, or law in the future.

upei nursing graduate Henrietta
Aug 1, 2023 | UPEI Viewbook 2024

Meet Henrietta, Bachelor of Science in Nursing program graduate (Class of 2023). Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Henrietta graduated in May 2023 and served as her class valedictorian at UPEI Convocation.