UPEI Spotlights

UPEI is a place built on stories, from student success, to faculty and staff honours, to ground-breaking research. In UPEI Spotlights, you can read and watch videos about the important things that make UPEI unique.

Our Stories

upei doctor of veterinary medicine student farnaz farnaghi in an operating room
| Students, UPEI Viewbook

"After completing my Bachelor of Science in Ontario, I was ready to complete my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and I thought that Prince Edward Island would be the perfect place."

upei chemistry graduate maggie leclair working in a laboratory
| Students, UPEI Viewbook

After completing an honours project in natural product chemistry, Maggie hopes to become a physician in the future.

Zoe Furlotte at the Canadian centre for climate change and adaptation
| Students, UPEI Viewbook

Zoe discovered a passion for studying climate change at UPEI after moving to the Island from New Brunswick.

upei engineering student prabhakar bholah standing in the faculty of sustainable design engineering building
| Students, UPEI Viewbook

Following his father's advice to study in North America, Prabhakar travelled from Mauritius to join UPEI's unique engineering program.

alex gallant-wood working in a kitchen laboratory
| Success Story

"If given the chance to choose again, I would 100% pick UPEI’s Foods and Nutrition and Dietetic Internship programs!"