Personal Training

What is personal training? 

Personal Training is the science of teaching a client how to move their body correctly and efficiently in every exercise and movement. Personal trainers also help clients customize their workouts to their goals and needs so they can maximize their individual potential! 

Benefits of working with a personal trainer include:  

  • Customizing an exercise program to meet the client's personal fitness goals.  
  • Assisting clients with general conditioning, weight loss, weight gain and improvement of their overall health and fitness.  
  • Providing clients with accountability and motivation in workouts.  
  • Providing weight and cardiovascular training instruction. 
  • Increasing a client's knowledge about fitness and workout routines. 


Derek Smith, UPEI Personal Trainer, is an Affiliated Kinesiologist, CrossFit Level 1, CPT -CSEP trainer, and Yoga Instructor RYT200. Since Derek is an Affiliated Kinesiologist, training receipts can be used by clients for benefits claims with insurer if applicable per their health plan. 

Oyinkansola Eniola, UPEI Personal Trainer, is an Affiliated Kinesiologist, BSc in Kinesiology.

Danie Marais, UPEI Personal Trainer, is an Affiliated Kinesiologist, BSc in Kinesiology Honours.

For questions about personal training and how to register, please email

Personal Training Fees

Introduction Package

45 minute consultation + assessment, 3 personal training sessions, and 1 program design - $230

Personal training – 1 person

5 sessions - $250
10 sessions - $405
20 sessions - $760

Buddy training – 2 persons

5 sessions - $175 per person
10 sessions - $265 per person

Buddy training – 3-4 persons

10 sessions - $250 per person

all prices subject to HST

*1 personal training session is one 45-minute session with the personal trainer.