Chi Wan Young Sports Centre Guidelines and Procedures

Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre Gymnasium, Fitness Centre, Track and Squash Courts: General Rules of Use 

  • All facility users must use their campus ID/membership card at Panther Central turnstile and the Fitness Centre turnstile (if using the fitness centre) and when signing out equipment.
  • CARD SWAPPING - Fraudulent use of a membership card is prohibited. This will result in immediate suspension and loss of membership privileges. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for membership suspensions. 
  • Clean footwear is required while participating in indoor physical activity.
  • No food or beverage, other than water or a sports performance drink in an enclosed container is permitted on the gymnasium floor, fitness centre, indoor track and squash courts. 
  • Be courteous and respectful to staff and other users.
  • Any person who poses a risk to themselves or to others will be refused entrance and/or will be asked to leave the building.
  • Campus Scent policy – no colognes or perfumes permitted inside the Sports Centre and Fitness Centre. This is a campus wide policy which includes no colognes or perfumes in any building on campus. 
  • Lockers in the facility are day use only. No overnights. Locks will be cut off at closing and items can be collected at the Panther Central desk.

Code of Conduct  

Users of the UPEI Sports Centre and Fitness Centre are expected to adhere to guidelines and procedures of the facility. Use of the facility and programs within is a privilege and failure to adhere to the rules and directions of the staff will result in administrative and/or disciplinary action, including cancellations of privileges. 

Any blatant unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate ejection from the facility. This includes but is not limited to vulgarity, derogatory language, and physical abuse of another individual and/or damage to facilities. 


Failure to follow rules and regulations may result in suspended or revoked membership privileges. Suspensions will be based on administration judgement and can range from one day to one year.

Membership Freezing and Refunds  

  • NO membership refunds. 
  • Membership may be put on hold for medical reasons. All medical requests must be submitted in advance (not after a surgery, medical issue, etc.) to Stephanie Knickle at

Fitness Centre Guidelines and Gym Etiquette  

  • Please pick up a clean bottle and rag the desk to clean equipment after use. Return rag and cleaning bottle to Fitness Centre desk when leaving. 
  • Return weights and plates to storage racks after use. 
  • NO Olympic lifts permitted.
  • NO powder chalk permitted. Liquid chalk only. 
  • Please do not put weights and dumbbells on benches. This damages the upholstery. 
  • Foul language, spitting or disrespecting Fitness Centre staff and/or members will NOT BE TOLERATED. 
  • NO kitbags, coats/jackets permitted. Please use main locker rooms. Locks are not provided.  
  • Jackets/coats and hoodies can be hung on coat racks provided inside the fitness centre.
  • Appropriate footwear required (sneakers). NO outdoor footwear permitted (this includes sandals, bare feet, socks, boots, work boots). 
  • Be mindful of your surroundings while exercising.  
  • Please be respectful of the time spent using equipment. Other members may be waiting.
  • Please do not talk on your phone. It’s very disruptive to those who are trying to work out. 
  • Respect others' personal space.
  • NO taking photos or videos in the Fitness Centre. Please refer to Phone/Camera use policy below. 
  • Minimum age of use is 14 years old. Users aged 14 must be accompanied and monitored by a parent/guardian who has a valid membership/day pass.
  • NO personal trainers other than UPEI personal trainers are permitted.

UPEI Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre Membership fees

Gymnasium and Indoor Track Guidelines  

  • In the event that you witness and/or experience an event that places you or another user in harm's way, please report to the Panther Central desk staff. 
  • Appropriate footwear required (non-marking indoor sneakers). NO outdoor footwear permitted (this includes sandals, bare feet, socks, boots, work boots). 
  • Clothing and bags should be properly stored in main locker rooms. Locks are not provided.  
  • NO loitering on the track (ie: sitting/standing on track area).  
  • NO spectators permitted during intramurals or general use of gymnasium. Standing at rails only permitted during varsity games and/or major events when the track is closed to users. 

Phone/Camera Use Policy 

  • For the protection of all students, members, facility users and guests, please follow cell phone and videotaping guidelines. 
  • The use of photographic equipment such as cameras and video equipment is prohibited in changing rooms and washrooms. This includes cell phones and all devices with photographic capabilities. 
  • Only use cell phones in the lobbies, hallways and administrative areas of the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre. 
  • Failure to comply will result in the suspension of your membership and may include possible further disciplinary sanctions. 
  • Use of photographic equipment in work out/activity spaces in the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre requires advanced approval in writing. To request photo use in Fitness Centre for class projects, please contact Angela Marchbank, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance. E-mail:

Personal Training Policies 

  • Payments are to be made at the Panther Central Desk. All prices add HST. Payments may be by cash, cheque, debit, Visa, or Mastercard. Payments are due on day of the appointment.  
  • No refunds will be issued for services purchased. 
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to reschedule the session. If the cancellation is less than 24 hours the appointment will not be reimbursed/re-scheduled. The trainer is required to wait 15 minutes for the client to show up for the scheduled appointment. If the client fails to show up for the scheduled appointment, the appointment and fee(s) will be forfeited. If the client is late for the appointment the trainer is not obligated to make up the missed time. For example, if the client is 15 minutes late and arrives for the appointment the session will only be 30 minutes. 
  • Only UPEI personal trainers are permitted to assess or train individuals and athletes in the UPEI Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre. Any other trainers who act in the capacity of a personal trainer are not permitted. This includes one-on-one instruction, exercise prescription, modification, technique instruction, and any job function typically associated with personal training or working with members of the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre.  
  • All personal training session packages must be used within six (6) months of date of purchase. Sessions not used in this timeframe will expire with no refund. 

Weather Delays and Closures 

  • Inclement weather may cause the Sports Centre to close or delay opening. Download UPEI Safe App for weather updates or Follow UPEI Athletics and Recreation on social media platforms. 
  • For varsity or program updates and cancellations, follow UPEI Athletics and Recreation on social media platforms.