French Placement Test

Planning on taking a French course for professional development?

The UPEI Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development and the Centre d'excellence en français offer a variety of courses to help PEI public sector employees improve their abilities in French.

Please note that this test is for the public and
not for UPEI students. For UPEI Academic courses, please
refer to the Department of Modern Languages French Placement Test.

The French Placement Test allows us to assess your skills in French and place you in the appropriate level. There is no pass or fail, and no need to prepare for it (or to be nervous!).  The entire assessment will take 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Online, you can move up and down through the document and change any answer already entered.

We suggest that you complete the sections in the order presented since the exercises become progressively more difficult. You can skip what you don't know but don't forget to complete the last section, a short composition intended to give us a sample of your free writing skills (and please do not worry if you cannot write in French: we have French courses for beginners).

If you do not have a French Canadian keyboard installed, you may answer without using accents.

MAC users are asked not to compose accented characters with the "Option + letter" keys. This combination produces coded characters that will cause the answer to be graded as incorrect.

Don't forget to read the instructions on each page and to hit the «submit all and finish» button when you are finished. Shortly after completion of the Placement Test, you will be contacted by e-mail and notified of the appropriate level in which to enrol.

The Placement Test has 15 pages. To proceed to the following page, go to the bottom of the completed page and click on Next. Take your time and have fun. Bonne chance!

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