Residence FAQs

Does UPEI guarantee residence to first-year students?

UPEI guarantees all first-year undergraduate students coming directly from high school, with a scheduled start date of September (first semester), a space* in residence for their first year only if they have applied and confirmed their offer of residence (including deposit and agreement) before March 31. In order to meet this guarantee, there are certain criteria that must be followed which includes the University’s application process and residence application process. For more information regarding this guarantee, please read our First Year Residence Guarantee information. *based on availability

Can I request a specific roommate?

Yes, you can request a specific roommate. However, you must indicate your roommate preference on your residence application and the request must be mutual. Please contact the Residence Office with any roommate requests or changes.

When will I find out my room assignment?

Room assignment and roommate information is typically available in early August. This information will be sent to the email account they used to apply to residence.

Can I change my room assignment once it has been made?

Yes, you can put in a request with the Residence Office to change your room and we will do our best to accommodate you however we cannot guarantee that your request will be honoured.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

Please view residence fees and meal plans in the right-hand menu of this page.

Can I stay in Residence over the February Break?

Yes, you can stay in residence over the February Break. The university remains open during this time however there are no classes.

I am an international student living in residence. Can I stay in my room over the December Holiday Break?

Yes, international students can stay in their residence rooms during the December holiday break. Please note that here are limited services available (e.g., food services) to students staying in residence during the December holiday break. However, Security Services and Maintenance Services are available for students with emergency issues or concerns. If you are an international student planning to stay in residence during the December holiday break, you must inform the Residence Office of your plans. Information regarding living in residence during the December Holiday break is made available to students in November and December.  

How do I arrange for Internet, telephone and television services?

All three of these services are included in your residence fees. Wireless Internet is throughout all three residence buildings and the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall. Each room/apartment has a telephone equipped with voicemail and local calling. There are televisions in each lounge and all rooms have access to standard cable.

What is my mailing address in residence and where is my mailbox located?

Your Name
Room Number and Building
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4P3

Mailboxes for residents of Bernardine Hall are located in the front lobby. Mailboxes for residents of Andrew and Blanchard Hall are located in the lobby of Andrew Hall.

Where do I go if have any questions or concerns while living in residence?

The Residence Life Advisor is there to assist you with any concerns or problems you may be have while living on campus. The Residence Office is located in the lobby of Bernardine Hall and is open Monday through Friday.