Meal Plans

Forget about picking up groceries or cooking. A delicious, ready-made meal is just a short walk away.

Enjoy a full meal, a light snack, or a cup of coffee whenever you please. The Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall located next to UPEI residences provides continuous food service throughout the day, and our all-day, unlimited meal plans include FLEX dollars which can be spent at the various retail locations operating around campus.

Meal plan options

Meal plans come with a variety of options including halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and theme meals. Meal plans are mandatory for residents in Andrew Hall and Bernardine Hall. We have commuter meal plans designed to save you money, and make lunchtime easier! Pop by the Residence Office in Andrew Hall to grab a meal plan, email us at If you have credit on your student account, we can charge it there. 

  • 10 Meal Sampler (anytime): $116.20 + tax
  • 10 Lunch Sampler: $114.10 + tax
  • 25 Meals (anytime): $332.50 + tax
  • 25 Lunches: $285.20 + tax
  • 50 Meals (anytime): $581.00 + tax
  • 80 Meals (anytime): $929.88 + tax

5-day unlimited plan: Breakfast? Morning tea? Elevensies? Second breakfast? It's all included Monday to Friday: $2,777 per semester (no tax) 

7-day unlimited plan: any meal, any day of the week: $2,833 per semester (no tax)   

Where to Eat on Campus

Check out our fantastic options for UPEI campus meals! Visit the Where to Eat on Campus page.

Special dietary needs

We also accommodate students with special dietary needs. Meet with the Dana Hospitality Chefs when you arrive on campus to understand all the options available to you.

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