Industry Placement Program

Through the Design Clinic Project model, the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering  (FSDE) creates a simulated real-world, engineering-practice environment in which students engage directly with real-world industry partners  to provide real-world solutions to their engineering problems.

To complement this experience, the FSDE's Industry Placement Program (IPP) seeks to place students in engineering jobs with industry partners. The work opportunities provided by the IPP are a natural extension to the experience gained by the students during their progression through the design clinic projects.

Together these experiences create a continuum of education which integrates knowledge and experience in a more comprehensive and experiential way.

Industry Placements

Industry placements can be either up to 4 months in duration during the summer period (May–August), or for an extended period of up to 16 months for students willing to defer by one year the completion of their Degree studies.

If you are an industry partner interested in participating in the IPP, please contact a member of the Industry Partnership Group: