Senior Design Clinic

Senior Clinic projects are completed by third and fourth year students. Projects typically include design and optimization of systems in a wide variety of applications but must be related to renewable energy; bioresources; sensors, optics, and imaging; robotics and industrial automation; or, advanced manufacturing.

Project Timeline: September – April
Cost to Partner: 

  • Year 3: $5,000 + Prototyping Material
  • Year 4: $7,500 + Prototyping Material

Intellectual Property: Retained by project partner

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 4th Year, 2021–2022

The AbleGamers Charity, Kearneysville, WV
No-Pull No-Lift Controller

Amsted Industries, Chicago, IL
Controlling Wet Bulb Temperatures in a Test Environment of Evaporative Cooling Towers

Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), Montague, PE
Automation and Controls, System Integration, Data Acquisition and Analysis

Atlantech® Companies, Charlottetown, PE
Design a New Drum Filter Cover with Mechanical Closure

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), Quebec, QC
Video-Based Wind Measurement Using Mirage

Exo-Cubic, Basingstoke UK
Design a Mobile Tire Recycling Plant

Nature's Crops International, Kensington, PE
Design Modifications to the Vacuum System Skid

Saeplast, Saint John, NB
Design of an Air Handling Unit

SKYA TECH Canada Inc., Charlottetown, PE
Design Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) for the Positioning of an Acetabular Cup 

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 3rd Year, 2021–2022

Action Aero, Charlottetown, PE
Optimizing a Cleaning Cell

Amsted Industries, Chicago, IL
Hololens Visualization in Plant Environments

Atlantic Beef Products, Albany PE
Design of an Automated Corrugated Box Forming Line

Atlantic Industries Limited, Sackville NB
Design a Gasket and Data Acquisition Tool for Heated Steel Bridge Deck

BMI Ltd, Bridgewater, NS
Improve the Pallet Manufacturing Process

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan PE
Dryer Heat Recovery Efficiency
Filter Final Effluent Water Used at the BioGas Facility

Jennifer Neill, Occupational Therapist - Pediatrics, Grand Tracadie, PE
Eating Assistant Exoskeleton for Arthrogryposis Patient

The Shaw Group, Lantz, NS
Design a Customizable Outdoor Living Module

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 4th Year, 2020–2021

Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), Montague, PE 
Design of a Dynamometer combined with Testing Protocols and Procedures and Data Acquisition Tools for a Tow Tank

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa ON
CubeSat - communication and data handling
CubeSat - detailed mechanical design and payload

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan PE
Co-Generation Feasibility Study

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), Quebec, QC
Passive Wind Measurement

Parks Canada, Charlottetown, PE
Cavendish Campground NetZero Photovoltaic Project 

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 3rd Year, 2020–2021

Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), Montague, PE
Design and Construction of a Towing Platform and Wave Absorber for a Tow Tank

Bell Aliant Centre, Charlottetown, PE
Review of Proposed Mechanical Systems Improvements

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa ON
Detailed Design and Prototyping of CubeSat Electrical Power Subsystem
CubeSat - supervisory control and data acquisition

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan PE
Freeze Tunnel Optimization
BioGas Heat Exchanger Auto Cleaning Cycle

Island Abbey Foods Ltd., Charlottetown PE
Lozenge Material Transfer

UPEI Facilities Management, Charlottetown, PE
Mapping of UPEI Underground Utilities 

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 4th Year, 2019–2020

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa ON
Payload and structure design for Spudnik-1 CubeSat

Cavendish Farms, New Annan PE
Optimization of primary clarifiers

Defence Research & Development Canada, Valcartier QC
Design and implementation of a radio frequency signal measurement system

MDS Coating Technologies, Slemon Park PE
Automated system for mixing and loading powder to 3D printer

NorCan Marine, Montague PE
Scaling Norcan 222 hull design and performance for fishing boat application

PEI Department of Agriculture & Land, Charlottetown PE
Yield monitoring system for potato harvesters

Thales Canada, Ottawa ON
Software tool to optimize fuel efficiency of BC ferries 

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 3rd Year, 2019-2020 

Acadian Supreme, Wellington PE
Design improvements for cleaning lobster holding tanks

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Charlottetown PE
Design of temperature controlled containers for plant research trials

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa ON
Design of ground station for Spudik-1 communications

Canadian Tire Corporation, Bolton ON
Lift assist device for heavy pails and buckets

Cavendish Farms, New Annan PE
System design improvements for water and energy recovery

Eastern Fabricators, Georgetown PE
Design of lobster claw/knuckle automated cutting system

Island Abbey Foods, Charlottetown PE
Automated process to measure gummy weight

QEH Physical Medicine, Charlottetown PE
Obstacle course design to assist with rehabilitation 

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 4th Year, 2018–2019

Aspin Kemp & Associates, Montague, PE & Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, Nepal
Design of a system to manage electronic loads on mini-grids in remote locations in Nepal

CubeSat with Sentto Labs, Burnaby, BC
Command and Control: Design of the satellite's attitude, orientation, and positioning systems

CubeSat with National Optics Institute, Laval, QC
Payload and Structure: Development of overall CubeSat structure as well as the optical imaging payload

Defence Research & Development Canada, Valcartier, QC
Development of an automated goniometer for 3D object measurements as an input to machine learning algorithms

Intempco Controls Inc., Montreal, QC
Completion and validation of a prototype environmental chamber that is capable of precise control of temperature and humidity conditions

Slemon Park Corporation, Slemon Park, PE
Design of an energy management system for Hangar 8

Senior Design Clinic Projects - 3rd Year, 2018-2019 

Acadian Supreme Inc., Wellington, PE
Design of a system to recover heat from water used in lobster cooking process

Canadian Tire Corporation, Bolton, ON
Design of a universal lift device to move heavy and awkward shaped items

Cavendish Agri Services, Charlottetown, PE
Development of a device for real time soil sampling

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan, PE
Development of an inline measurement system to identify the amount of sugar in the processing line

CubeSat with C-Core, St. John's, NL
Power: Development of the CubeSat's electrical power system which will include photovoltaics, battery storage, and power management

CubeSat with C-Core, St. John's, NL
Communication: Development of the data communications subsystem to provide a link between the satellite and ground station

SmartCatch Systems, Charlottetown, PE
Design of a device to monitor activity in a lobster trap 

Senior Clinic Projects, 2017–2018

UPEI Atlantic Veterinary College, Charlottetown PE
A project to analyze and optimize the design of the Aquatic facility’s effluent management system. Additionally, the team is identifying opportunities to migrate from chlorination to ozone treatment.

Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc.
This organization works with a large volume and variety of energy storage technologies. To streamline the process of evaluating these components, the student team is designing and building a test bay to analyze information such as component performance, charging/discharging rate measurements, and life expectancy.

BioVectra Inc., Charlottetown PE
Between process runs, the equipment supporting a key manufacturing line requires considerable time and labour to clean. This project involves the design a Clean in Place system incorporating automation to reduce labour time and increase process standardization.

Cavendish Farms, New Annan PE
For this project, students are designing a system to measure, in real time, the % of starch in the facility's processing water prior to and after the starch recovery process. This information will be used by Cavendish Farms for operational improvements.

City of Summerside, Summerside PE
To promote awareness of renewable energy and energy storage, the student team is designing a display unit to demonstrate these technologies. This unit will be interactive, interesting, and educational.

Intempco Controls Inc, Montreal QC
This project involves the design of an environmental chamber capable of simulating various relative humidity and temperature controls. The team is being challenged with creating a stable design at a reasonable cost to produce.

Parks Canada, Charlottetown PE
With the multi-year closure of Province House for renovations, the students are creating a virtual reality tour of this historic site. Users will learn about the original building construction and the restoration activities and challenges. To aid with the project’s animation, the student team is collaborating with students at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Redrock Power Systems, Charlottetown PE
Redrock is redesigning traditional fuel cells for use in the marine industry. To support this initiative, the student team is working on the fuel recirculation process, specifically designing a suitable jet pump.

Royal Products, Long Island NY
The students working on this project are designing a system to manage finished parts coming off a CNC lathe. This system must be adaptable to CNC lathes from different manufacturers, be capable of managing different production variables, and also have a feasible manufactured cost.

Special Operations Forces Command, DRDC Valcartier QC
With the advent of high quality/high frame video sensors, more advanced testing procedures are required. In response, the student team is designing a test bench to measure the auto-gain recovery and motion blur of video sensors.

Chak No. 232/HBO Tehsil and District Jhang Punjab Pakistan
Wastewater treatment systems in rural Pakistani households are non-existent and the lack of waste treatment has a significant impact on human health. The students working on this project are designing options for cost effective household based wastewater management, keeping in mind the complexities of implementation and maintenance in this country.