Junior Design Clinic

Junior Clinic projects are completed by second year students and focus on the development or modification of a specific product for a specific audience. The products are typically simple mechanical or electrical devices that have a minimal number of required parameters.

Project Timeline: October–April
Cost to Partner: $500
Intellectual Property: Retained by student team and UPEI 

Junior Clinic Projects, 2021–2022 - 2nd Year Design

Aspin Kemp and Associates (AKA), Montague, PE
Design of a Wave Absorber for the Tow Tank

Aslan Renewables, Charlottetown, PE
Generating Hydropower from Wastewater Outflows

Elmira Railway, Elmira, PE
Design a Modern Manual Handcar

Engineers PEI, Charlottetown, PE
Evaluate and Update the Bridge Building Contest Testing Components

Health PEI, various locations
Long Term Care - Design a New Pill Crusher
Prince County Hospital - Designing a Solution for the Slippery Floor in the Receiving Area
QEH Physical Medicine - Design of an Amp Board

Infinity Energy, Cairo, Egypt
Design a Method for Cleaning Roof Mounted (Residential) Solar Panels

Parks Canada, Charlottetown, PE
Model a PEI National Park Fossil

Resort Municipality, Cavendish, PE
Low Level Lighting on Grahams Lane

Royal Canadian Navy, Charlottetown, PE
Design of an Improved Diver Recall
Design of an Improved Lost Diver Marker

Junior Clinic Projects, 2020–2021 - 2nd Year Design

Atlantic Aqua Farms, Oyster Bed, PE
Separating Oyster Clusters

Bricks 4 Kidz, Scotchfort, PE
LEGO Cleaning and Sorting

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan PE
Trench Cleaning System

“Boutique MAAEMO”, Montreal, QC
Dispenser for Zero-Waste Store

Nature's Crops International, Kensington, PE
Design of a Packaging Line

NorCan Marine, Montague, PE
Design and Construction of Scale Models for a Tow Tank

PEI Analytical Laboratories, Charlottetown, PE
Soil Health Drying Process

Junior Clinic Projects, 2020–2021 - 1st Year Design

Parks Canada, PEI National Park
COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies
Traffic Control Along Gulf Shore Parkway
Protection of Piping Plover Nesting Areas
Off-grid mobile visitor accommodation for Greenwich Park  

Junior Clinic Projects, 2019–2020 - 2nd Year Design

Atlantic Aqua Farms, Georgetown PE
Design a device to remove socking material and rope from backlines

Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa ON
Ground support equipment for SpudNik-1 CubeSat

Cavendish Farms Culinary Centre, Charlottetown PE
Design of specialty food product

Connie MacDonald, Charlottetown PE
Solution to urban noise pollution for a residential property

Habitat for Humanity PEI, Charlottetown PE
Home water usage audit and analysis

Nine Yards Studio, Charlottetown PE
Urban periscope design for a Charlottetown park

PEI Analytical Labs, Charlottetown PE 
Automation of rainmaker test apparatus 

QEH Foundation, Charlottetown PE
Development of a coin and cash donation collector

StandardAero, Slemon Park PE
Fixture for blasting turbine blades

Stepscan Technologies, Charlottetown PE
Design of equipment for conducting sensor crosstalk testing

Upstreet Craft Brewing, Charlottetown PE
Design of system to dispose of spent grain

Western Hospital, Alberton PE
Dispenser design for incontinence pads  

Junior Clinic Projects, 2019–2020 - 1st Year Design

Parks Canada, PEI National Park, PEI Locations
Solutions for Climate Change 

Junior Clinic Projects, 2018–2019

Atlantic Aqua Farms, Georgetown, PE
Design a tool or system to clean buoys used in mussel farming

Atlantic Windows, Port Elgin, NB
Design a workstation for brickmould installation to reduce lifting of window assemblies

BIO|FOOD|TECH, Charlottetown, PE
Design a feeding system for a rotating drum dryer used for food production

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan, PE
Design a tool and process to clear plugs that occur in a cutter system

Habitat for Humanity PEI, Charlottetown, PE
Home energy audit and analysis of a Habitat for Humanity PEI home

HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Design a lab scale algae reactor

Health PEI - Long Term Care - Prince Edward Home, Charlottetown, PE
Design alternate controls for bed positioning for patients who don't have the use of their hands

Health PEI - Long Term Care - Summerset Manor, Summerside, PE
Design a 3D-printed engine for dementia patients

Health PEI - QEH Physical Medicine, Charlottetown, PE
Design for a walk-beside wheelchair

Health PEI - Western Hospital, Alberton, PE
Improvements to laundry carts to prevent overfilling

Mount Saint Vincent University & Dr. Franz-Odendaal, Halifax, NS
Design of a swim tunnel to be used for fish research

Parks Canada - Kouchibouguac National Park, Kouchibouguac, NB
Design a way to detect ectotherms in order to trigger a wildlife camera

Parks Canada - Torngat Mountains National Park, Nain, NL
Management of human waste from remote hiking site locations

PEI Analytical Laboratories, Charlottetown, PE
Sample handling improvements during dairy analysis

PEI Seniors Homes & Dr. Shabbir Amanullah, Charlottetown, PE
Design the first phase of an interactive activities wall for residents

Quaketek Inc., Montreal, QC
Design an add-on system to collect metal deposits to allow for re-use of water in the main collection tank

Stepscan Technologies Inc., Charlottetown, PE
Design a tool to lift or remove a tile that is surrounded by other tiles

UPEI Facilities Management, Charlottetown, PE
Design a mounting bracket that can sustain the loads experienced by the sidewalk plow blade during heavy use 

Junior Clinic Projects, 2017–2018

Atlantic Aqua Farms, Orwell Cove PE
Design of a quick-connect for attaching buoys to mussel lines

Cavendish Farms Corporation, New Annan PE
Design of a jig for setting thickness in machines that produce crinkle cut french fries

Charlottetown Rural High School, Charlottetown PE
Instrumentation of the greenhouse and analysis to determine if conditions are ideal

City of Charlottetown, Charlottetown PE
Design of a water distribution system for Desbrisay Community Garden

CNS | CRO, Charlottetown PE
Design of a maze for behavioural testing of rats

David Csernyik Family, Cornwall PE
Design of a bath seat for David’s son who has cerebral palsy

Deep Roots Distillery, Warren Grove PE
Improvement of the cooling system used during distillation

L&C Fisheries, French River PE
Improvement of an eel size grading system

Mikinduri Children of Hope Canada
Design of a water collection system for Mukorone, Kenya, that will not be obstructed by sediment in the rainy season

Mikinduri Children of Hope Canada
Design of a pumping system for Mageta Island Health Centre in Kenya, that can remain in-situ and is not vulnerable to theft or vandalism

Provincial Boat and Marine Ltd., Kensington PE
Design of a system to weigh boats and determine their longitudinal centre of gravity in the boat shop

Top Dog Manufacturing, Central Bedeque PE
Improvements to the feed system of a machine that cuts and presses polyurethane sleeves

Prince Edward Island Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy
Design of a system that will slow down cyclists on Confederation Trail when approaching intersections that they can easily ride through

University of Trinidad and Tobago
Design of a mechanical system to scrape pineapple leaves and expose fibers for making textiles