Community Design Program

Community Design projects are completed by first year students and have a broad scope to allow students to ideate and find a wide variety of potential solutions.  The partner is typically community-based or government and incorporates an element of sustainability and social justice in their mandate.

Project Timeline: November–April
Cost to Partner: $0
Intellectual Property: Retained by student team and UPEI 

Community Design Projects, 2023–2024

Parks Canada, Charlottetown, PE

  • Design a Buckthorn Puller
  • Design a Salt Bag Closure Solution Design an EV tool charging trailer Design a T-Bar Puller

City of Charlottetown, Charlottetown, PE
Design a Bark Protection Solution for Newly Planted Trees Design a Crow Deterrent Device for City Residents Design a Tree Root Cover for Trees in Short Term Storage 

Community Design Projects, 2022–2023

Parks Canada, Charlottetown, PE
Design a New Racoon Proof Cover for Disposal Bins Design an Off-Grid Net-Zero Campground

West River Community, West River, PE
Design a Community Pantry

Community Design Projects, 2021–2022

Parks Canada, PEI National Park

  • Modify Trails for Motorized Vehicles
  • Parking Lot Design for EV Chargers
  • Stanhope Cape Visitor Experience Planning

Charlottetown Little Free Pantry
Design a Sustainable Little Free Pantry 

Community Design Projects, 2020–2021

Parks Canada, PEI National Park (various locations) 

  • COVID-19 mitigation strategies
  • Traffic control along Gulf Shore Parkway
  • Protection of piping plover nesting areas
  • Off-grid mobile visitor accommodation for Greenwich Park

Community Design Projects, 2019–2020

Parks Canada, PEI National Park (various locations)
Solutions for climate change 

Community Design Projects, 2018–2019

Parks Canada - Torngat Mountains National Park
Sustainable methods for managing base camp operations such as fuel, waste, heating, water supply