Design Clinic Program

In the Clinic program, teams of 4-6 students act as engineering consultants for a company or organization. The company or organization is called a project partner and supplies the student team with an actual technical challenge from their operation. The technical challenge should be strategic in nature but not on the partner’s critical path. Student teams have a broad network of resources within the faculty to meet project deliverable requirements:

  • Faculty members with industry experience
  • Professional Engineers
  • Electronics Technologist
  • Red Seal Welder, Machinist and Industrial Electrician
  • Rapid prototyping (3D scanning and printing)
  • Metal and wood fabrication shops
  • Dedicated project assembly and testing spaces

Project partners can be local, regional, national or international. As well, partners can be based in industry, community or the public sector. There are many benefits to being a project partner:

  • Get a fresh perspective on a technical challenge
  • Help shape the future of engineering
  • Give visibility to or raise awareness about your organization on UPEI campus
  • Work with potential future employees

UPEI Engineering Industry Clinic Projects brochure, 2020–2021
UPEI Engineering Industry Clinic Projects brochure, 2019–2020