UPEI Alumni Email Account FAQ


How do I request an @upeialum.ca email account?

  • As the deadline for alumni migration requests passed on May 31 (excluding graduates of 2022), we are not currently accepting requests for new alumni email accounts at this time.

How do I access my @upeialum.ca email account?

  • You can access your @upeialum.ca email via a web browser by logging in to https://mail.upeialum.ca.
  • Your username and temporary password will be emailed to you when your account is created.

Can I access my @upeialum.ca email account via mobile?

  • Yes! We recommend that you download the Microsoft Outlook mobile app from your phone’s app store for the best experience.

Will my @upei.ca student email data be moved over to my new @upeialum.ca mailbox?

Will my other cloud data be migrated to my @upeialum.ca email account, such as my Google Drive or OneDrive documents?

  • No. Your @upeialum.ca account is an “email only” account and does not include any cloud document storage.
  • You will need to export any cloud data yourself before your @upei.ca student account is deactivated, by following these instructions:

When will my @upei.ca student account be deactivated?

  • Your @upei.ca student account will be deactivated one year after graduation.
  • If you graduated prior to June 2021, your @upei.ca student account will be deactivated July 2022.

Will I be notified before my @upei.ca student account is deactivated?

  • Yes! You will be notified via email (sent to your @upei.ca email address) before your @upei.ca student account is deactivated.