TD Term Life Insurance Offer

University of Prince Edward Island alumni can now save 5% on an eligible TD Term Life Insurance plan.

TD Life Insurance Company has been helping protect Canadians for over 25 years. You also have access to professional and experienced life licensed advisors who will work with you to help you determine the right insurance coverage to best suit your needs. TD Life Insurance Company gives UPEI alumni premium savings on eligible TD Term Life Insurance plans.

Get the benefits of TD Term Life Insurance:

  • Application process:
    • You could get a quote without an obligation to provide your contact information.
  • Application process could take less than 10 minutes. Available savings:
  • UPEI alumni save 5% on a new TD 10-Year or 20-Year Term Life Insurance plan. Or you could save a total of 10% if you are a TD customer (1.)
  • Instant approval: 
    • You could be instantly approved with no medical exam required for up to $1,000,000 If aged 50 and under.
  • Option to conveniently make payments by credit card.
  • You have a guaranteed 30-day period to review your policy. In that time, coverage can be cancelled if you are not completely satisfied, any premiums charged are refunded in full.
  • Plan benefits:
    • Fixed monthly or annual cost over the entire length of your term (3.)
    • Automatic renewal at the end of each term for the 10- and 20-year plans until policy expires at age 80, without health questions or medical exam (3.)
    • Option to convert 10- and 20-year plans to permanent coverage any time before you turn 69 years old
    • Coverage of up to $10 million.
    • On death of the person insured, a lump-sum tax free amount is paid to their beneficiary to use however they choose.

Help provide financial security of your loved ones who depend on you

Apply for life insurance with TD Insurance and find out right away if you’re approved for up to $1,000,000 in coverage, dependent on eligibility. Feel confident knowing your life insurance coverage can help protect your family's financial future. Should you pass away, your beneficiaries receive a tax-free lump sum benefit payment. They can choose to use it however they want: to help replace lost income, maintain their standard of living, pay for your children’s education, pay off debt or cover your final expenses.

Feel confident your Term Life Insurance coverage fits your needs. Get a TD Term Life Insurance quote now by visiting our exclusive offer for University of PEI Alumni page.

  1. The 5% or 10% premium savings is available to eligible applicants who apply for a new TD 10-Year or 20-Year Term Life Insurance policy. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is subject to change or may be withdrawn at any time.
  2. Instant approval is subject to the responses you provide to certain health and lifestyle questions in your application. Applicant must be 50 years old or under in the 6-month period following the date of application.
  3. Rates are guaranteed not to increase for the length of your term, regardless of changes to your age or health. The premium will increase at the time of your term renewal.
  4. Premiums increase when your term renews

TD Term Life Insurance is an individual life insurance plan underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company. Some restrictions may apply. See Insurance Policy for coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.

TD insurance: eligible alumni save five percent on term life insurance plans - get a quote