The Faculty Development Office helps identify potential nominees for institutional, regional, and national teaching awards, such as the UPEI Janet Pottie Murray Award for Educational Leadership, the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) teaching and educational leadership awards, and the national 3M Teaching Fellowships.

Janet Pottie Murray Award for Educational Leadership

The purpose of the Janet Pottie Murray Award is to encourage excellence in teaching at the University of Prince Edward Island by acknowledging those teachers who exemplify such excellence and those who contribute more generally to the improvement of the quality of university teaching

Atlantic Universities Distinguished Teaching Award (AAU Award)

This award recognizes excellence in university teaching over a number of years, primarily at the undergraduate level. An individual nominated for this award will be characterized by a proven commitment to enhanced student engagement and learning, a reflective and intentional approach to teaching practices, and dedication to teaching improvement. 
The deadline for applications is set annually, usually during the first week of May. Each AAU member institution may forward nominations for either or both of the Distinguished Teaching and the Educational Leadership Award. The nomination dossiers must be submitted by UPEI’s Faculty Development Office.

Anne Marie MacKinnon Educational Leadership Award (AAU Award)

This award recognizes sustained commitment to the improvement of university teaching by providing leadership in developing institutional structures and processes, and creating an environment in which teaching excellence is valued and fostered. In adjudicating this award, the Selection Committee looks for evidence of leadership and influence that is broad, lasting, and pervasive within, and perhaps beyond, the nominee’s own institution
The deadline for applications is typically near the beginning of May. The nomination must be submitted by UPEI’s Faculty Development Office

3M National Teaching Fellowship

Nominations are solicited yearly for the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship. The FDO helps identify potential nominees, assists in preparing the nominations, and submits them, typically in August or September.