Academic Instructional Skills Program (AISP)

The Academic Instructional Skills Program (AISP) is for faculty, graduate students and postdocs who are currently teaching at UPEI or who are interested in teaching at a post-secondary level in the future. The program provides you an opportunity to develop evidence-based teaching expertise and skills that are relevant across disciplines in postsecondary education. The program's broader goals include:

  • Fostering student and faculty engagement through effective teaching
  • Building confidence and capacity in teaching abilities
  • Introducing theories related to adult learning and teaching in higher education and how they can benefit your teaching
  • Stimulating  dialogue 1) within a community of other novice teachers, and 2) through mentorship from experienced teachers in order to foster individual reflection about student engagement and effective teaching
  • Providing support for participants as they undertake their teaching activities
  • Providing opportunities to develop teaching skills appropriate for modern post-secondary learning environments
  • Familiarizing participants with the challenges and rewards of teaching

Participants build their competencies by engaging in learning opportunities in four domains:

  1. Professional Growth, Development, and Identity
  2. Learning Spaces and Digital Technologies
  3. Learner-Centredness
  4. Instructional Practice

The program offers a choice of different modules delivered as self-directed, blended, and/or in-person workshops and activities. Participants that complete designated required workshops and a capstone project within each domain are awarded a badge and upon completion of the program will receive a Certificate in Academic Instructional Skills from UPEI’s Teaching and Learning Centre.  

Enrol in the Academic Instructional Skills Program