Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) studies teaching practices and learning experiences to improve student learning in the physical classroom, online environment, or discipline. SoTL involves reflecting on your own teaching practices, exploring scholarly literature, engaging in research about these practices, and then disseminating findings to others. SoTL research can be conducted within and between disciplines.

The Teaching and Learning Centre supports the development and sharing of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) by creating opportunities to use SoTL studies in your course design, conduct your own SoTL research, offering support for publishing and presentation and linking University scholars with related associations and groups.

Internal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research Grant

We can help you develop a proposal for the SoTL research grant program!

The Internal SoTL Research Grant (ISRG) program supports research pursuits in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) through the funding of fully-developed research proposals. Researchers are encouraged to provide high-quality student training opportunities and to propose collaborations with others from different, but complementary, disciplines.  

Value: up to $1,500 for a two-year term. ISRG proposals for lesser amounts will be considered favourably.  

Deadline: December 13, 2022 – 4:00 pm

Visit the Research Services website for program guidelines and application instructions.


The Teaching and Learning Centre facilitates connections between instructors and internal, external, and international colleagues and professional organizations which are highly engaged the wide range of contemporary issues and research related to teaching and learning in higher education.