Employee and Family Assistance

Colleagues, Spouses, and Dependents

We are pleased to re-introduce your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), provided by Shepell·fgi, a recognized leader in workplace health. Your EFAP is great support resource that can help colleagues and eligible members of their immediate family deal with all types of personal, family or work-related challenges.

The EFAP offers a short-term, solution-focused approach to professional counselling to assist you in resolving your concerns and issues in a progressive and proactive manner. Shepell·fgi provides counselling that best suits your needs and busy schedules, whether it is in person, by telephone or online [E-Counselling] as well as immediate help with crisis situations.  Clients also have access to Shepell·fgi’s online wellness library, workhealthlife.com.

In addition to professional counseling, ---- employees and their eligible family members can access a wide range of WorkLife programs that provide telephonic consultation with qualified advisors who can help answer questions and clarify concerns that affect us all. Services include:

Law Matters (legal issues)
Money Matters (financial issues)
Family Matters (childcare, eldercare, and homecare resources)
Nutrition Support Service (Registered Dietician consultation)

The EFAP service is:

  • Voluntary: There are times when we all face difficulties. It is there to help if you decide you want to use it. Each person must call the EFAP to set up his or her own appointment.
  • Confidential: Your privacy is maintained to the fullest extent, within the limits of the law. No one will ever know you have used the EFAP unless you choose to disclose.  No identifying information regarding any individual situation is communicated.

For EFAP Counselling, WorkLife Programs, and Information Services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year, call:

English: 1-800-387-4765
French: 1-800-361-5676
Visit: www.workhealthlife.com

EFAP Electronic Brochure
WHL Health Coaching
WHL Naturopathy Fact Sheet

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