Volunteer and External Opportunities Abroad

Our office posts other international study opportunities as they become available.

Opportunities to work and study in Japan

Japan Exchange & Teaching Program (JET)

Teach Learn, Live in Japan through the JET Programme.
Information can be found here: https://www.montreal.ca.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/jet.html 
East coast applicants fall under the jurisdiction of the Montreal JET Desk at the Consulate General of Japan in Montreal.

Further details of the program can be found at https://jetprogramme.ca 

Successful applicants will receive airfare to and from Japan, as well as a fully paid government-funded position for at least one year, with opportunity to extend.

To be eligible, candidates need to have Canadian citizenship (not permanent residency) and have a Bachelor's degree in any field.

* You do NOT need to be able to speak Japanese to take part in the JET programme, though they encourage you to study Japanese before and during your stay. 

MEXT Scholarships to Study In Japan 

(Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunities Available)

In the case of UPEI, most applicants would be aiming for the Research Students Scholarship, which means that even if you only have basic Japanese skills, if your study plan doesn’t require Japanese, you are eligible to apply and will not be at a disadvantage.

There are three main scholarships available:

  1. Japanese Studies Students -> Candidates must possess the necessary language proficiency to receive instruction in Japanese. All classes are in principle taught in Japanese. 
    • Application Period: from early January to early February
  2. Undergraduate Students -> Candidates must possess good basic Japanese language proficiency, and if they intend to apply to a program taught in Japanese, they should be at a level sufficient to receive instruction in Japanese. 
    • Application Period: from mid-April to late May
  3. Research Students -> Candidates should have sufficient English or Japanese language proficiency to complete the selected program. Those planning on doing their research in Japanese or those who need Japanese to conduct their research (data gathering, readings, interviews, etc.) should be proficient in the language. If the graduate studies are expected to be carried out in English, they only need proficiency in English, with no Japanese required to be eligible. 
    • Application Period: from mid-April to early May

For more information: https://www.montreal.ca.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/scholarships.html 

Insight Global Education

Insight takes students out of the classroom and delivers a truly unique learning experience in diverse locations.

a group of students laughing outdoors

Their educational travel programs challenge participants to think about how the world works and how their own actions, either directly or indirectly, impact our complex society. Their global education programs combine immersion, experience and inquisition, taking place in what is often described as non-traditional locations. They encourage youth to engage, learn and question the world around them.

Insight embraces a different model of learning. All programs are designed and delivered in partnership with local organizations, institutions and individuals, ensuring your impact is sustainable.

For more information, please visit the Insight Global Education website

Language for Life - Spanish in Seville

A "new" in-person program for learning Spanish is being offered in Seville, Spain through Language For Life.

Read more about this opportunity on the Language for Life website.

They offer 2- to 6-week courses in the following areas:

  1. Transatlantic Seville - Discover where, why and how one of the first transatlantic cultures originated, and what impact it had on the world.
  2. Andalusian Gastronomy - Explore how different cuisines and types of food define Spanish culture, identity and customs.
  3. Spanish and Hispanic Literature - Travel through time and space by diving into the literary works of Spanish and Hispanic novelists, poets and writers.
  4. Language Courses (All levels) - Brush up on your Spanish language skills or start from scratch - all while immersed in the local culture.
  5. Spanish through Art - Build your language skills while learning about classic and contemporary works of art from Spain and Latin America.