Wellness Education Centre

Your well being is important to us.

There are many resources and people here to support you in making healthy lifestyle choices so you can thrive during your time at UPEI and beyond. We aim to provide the most up to date, accurate information on a variety of health topics. If you are seeking specific health information please let us know by emailing us at healthcentre@upei.ca

Health and Wellness Topics

Chronic Disease Prevention and management

Appointments are available to meet with RN, NP, or MD to optimize the state of wellbeing in areas such as Cardiovascular health, Diabetes, COPD,  Sexual Health, Women's Health, and more.

Titres and Vaccine

We are looking forward to partnering with AVC, Human Sciences, Dietetics, and Nursing to provide required student titres and vaccines such as Rabies, Tetanus, Hepatitis B,  and TB Testing

Additionally, flu shots will be available on a seasonal basis.


Panther Sports Medicals, Drivers Medicals, Accessibility form completion are available (completion fees may apply).


We are proud to partner with others on- and off-campus organizations to ensure we are creating the proper blend of services to meet individual needs.

A list will be made available in March.

STI Education

RN will coordinate regular STI testing and education drop-in sessions. Symptomatic patients will require follow-up care with a Physician or NP.

Special Events

We will be providing themed event booths, mini-talks, or other health and wellness-related initiatives in conjunction with other on-campus events. Please visit this space to learn when and where.