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The UPEI Health Centre, in partnership with other service providers, promotes the health and well-being of the UPEI students, faculty, and staff.

Hours of Operations

Year-round from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Closed one hour for lunch.
telephone: 902-566-0616
fax: 902-566-0786

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Come Prepared

Who can be seen at the Health Centre?

The UPEI Health and Wellness Centre is available to all currently registered students. The Centre is also available to active UPEI faculty, staff, and their families who live with them.

Reason for visiting the Health Centre

Please state the reason for your Health Centre visit when booking the appointment because this will affect our assessment of the length of time needed, the provider required and/or equipment needed for the appointment.

​What should I bring to my appointment?​

  • Valid Provincial Health Card or proof of International Student Coverage.
  • Take all medications with you (in their original container) - pills, inhalers, eye drops, patches, injections, and creams. Or an up-to-date list of your medications, the dose, how often and why you are taking each one and if you have any medication allergies.
  • Include any over-the-counter products you use, such as vitamins and herbal products.
  • Any pertinent medical records.

Arrive early

  • Arrive 15 mins before your scheduled appointment time.


  • If you require forms to be completed, this could incur extra costs.
  • If you require forms completed by a health professional: 
    • ​Notify the staff when booking your appointment that you will require form completion.
    • Complete your section and sign it prior to your appointment.
    • Bring the forms with you.

Fee schedule

Like other practices across Prince Edward Island and other jurisdictions, the UPEI Health and Wellness Centre must bill for additional services/situations.

UPEI Health Centre Fee Schedule

Please note that fees are payable at the time of the service and in cash. The UPEI Health and Wellness Centre requires the correct change as we do not keep a cash drawer on site.

Potential additional cost

  • There may be a cost associated with having forms completed.
  • Lab testing: International students who do not have UPEI International student insurance or Quebec residents will be required to pay a fee upfront.
  • Cash only (bring correct amount, if in doubt contact the Health Center in advance for information).​

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Services Offered

Sexual Health counselling and screening

  • Sexual health education and counselling
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) screening and treatment
    • Self-test kits are available in some campus buildings
  • Birth control counselling and prescriptions
  • Insertion/removal of IUD/Nexplanon

Sexandu website 
hpvinfo website

Pregnancy testing, support, and prenatal care

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Pregnancy counselling and support
  • Prenatal care from conception up to 32 weeks gestation
  • Referrals to obstetrics as required
  • For pregnancy options:  Women’s wellness Centre – 1-844-365-8258

Pregnancy info website

Mental health assessments, management, and support

  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health disorders
  • Support and referrals to appropriate specialists and community resources (i.e., counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists)

Student affairs counselling services: 902-566-0488 or

Health PEI mental health walk-in clinics

Medical assessments and treatment of illness or injury

  • Pre-booked appointments, as well as same-day appointments, will be available for general health concerns or injuries
  • Cryotherapy available for the treatment of warts and certain skin lesions
  • Forms can be completed as required* (i.e., Worker’s compensation, school accommodations)

*there could be costs associated with the completion of forms. Check with the staff when making an appointment.

Chronic disease management

  • Ongoing support, treatment, and management of chronic diseases (i.e., Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, etc…) 

Routine health screening

  • Counselling to discuss age and gender appropriate screening tests and how to reduce the risk for illness
  • Examples – pap testing, colorectal cancer screening, mammogram, prostate cancer screening, blood pressure checks, weight management, diabetes screen, cholesterol screen, etc.


  • As part of the plan of care, referrals may be initiated to medical specialists, other professionals and community resources as required (i.e., physiotherapy, massage, counsellors, etc.)


  • If refills are required, please bring medication containers with you


There are a number of communicable diseases that are vaccine preventable. In fact, in addition to preventing communicable diseases, vaccines help protect against certain cancers and other infections.

The UPEI Health and Wellness Centre encourages all faculty, staff, students, and families to be up to date in their vaccinations. Some vaccine immunity wanes over time (e.g., Tetanus); some diseases are more common in adults so you may not have received vaccination (e.g., Herpes Zoster - Shingles) and being immunized can help protect vulnerable populations. 

If you are an adult, visit the PEI Adult Immunization Screening Tool website to determine what vaccines you require. If you have a PEI Health Card, most vaccines/TB testing are publicly funded (no charge) at the UPEI Health and Wellness Centre. There are some exceptions so it is best to check when booking (e.g., Herpes Zoster - Shingles).

Domestic students from outside of PEI should obtain their vaccines when back in their home province to avoid charges. If required more urgently for laboratory or clinical placements, the vaccines can be obtained at the UPEI Health and Wellness Centre; however, there will be a cost. Students can also go directly to Bayshore Home Health at 8 Mount Edward Road (Shops of St. Avards); you can telephone at 902-894-5554. 

International students can opt to use their International Insurance to cover the cost of vaccines at the UPEI Health and Wellness Centre or Bayshore Home Health. Book in with the registered nurse to discuss your vaccine needs. Our staff offers:

  • Counselling and administration of routine and recommended adult immunizations
  • Flu shot clinics will be organized each year for the UPEI community
  • Assistance with immunization and titres required for UPEI programs

For additional information regarding immunizations required for travel, contact Travel immunization clinic (902) 629-8846

Visit the website for CANImmunize to download an app to store your vaccine information digitally.

Injections and blood collection

  • Administration of prescribed medications by injection (examples: Depo Provera, Vitamin B12, hormone injections, allergy injections)
  • Blood collection can be done with a requisition from either the UPEI clinic or from an outside care provider.


  • We are available to do health presentations on any requested health topic (on-site or within other departments on campus)
  • We will be doing outreach education in residence.

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Client Confidentiality

  • All visits to the UPEI Health Centre are completely confidential. No information from a medical visit or health record can be released without the explicit and informed consent of the individual.
  • ​Medical records including lab reports can be obtained by visiting the Health Centre, presenting valid photo identification and signing a consent to release information form. This is to ensure the appropriate individual is consenting to release the information.
  • There are some situations where confidentiality may be broken, such as concerns for an individual's safety or legal requirements.

Protocol for Accessing and Amending Health Records

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Good Samaritan Law

The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act provides some legal protection for individuals who seek emergency help during an overdose.

The act became law on May 4, 2017. It complements the new Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy - our comprehensive public health approach to substance use. Harm reduction is a key part of the strategy alongside prevention, treatment, and enforcement.

The act also supports the Federal Action on Opioids and the Joint Statement of Action to address the opioid crisis and prevent further overdose deaths.

We hope the act will help to reduce the fear of police attending overdose events and encourage people to help save a life. 

The act can protect you from:

  • Charges for possession of a controlled substance (i.e. drugs) under section 4(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Breach of conditions regarding simple possession of controlled substances (i.e. drugs) in:
    • pre-trial release
    • probation orders
    • conditional sentences
    • parole
  • The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act applies to anyone seeking emergency support during an overdose, including the person experiencing an overdose. The act protects the person who seeks help, whether they stay or leave from the overdose scene before help arrives. The act also protects anyone else who is at the scene when help arrives.

​The act does not provide legal protection against more serious offences, such as:

  • outstanding warrants
  • production and trafficking of controlled substances
  • all other crimes not outlined within the act

​Save a life

Drug overdoses often happen with others around them. Staying at the scene is important to help save the life of the person experiencing an overdose.

Witnesses should:

  • call for emergency help
  • be prepared by carrying naloxone to use if you suspect an opioid overdose
  • provide first aid, including rescue breathing (CPR), if necessary, until emergency help arrives
  • stay calm and reassure the person that help is on the way

Tell others about the new Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act.

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After-Hour Services

  • Mental Health Walk-in Clinic
  • Call 811 in non-emergency situations, when you have health concerns or need health information or need health information. Click here for more information
  • Call 911 or visit the closest emergency department if you are experiencing a medical emergency. 
  • When should I visit the emergency? Please visit this website to evaluate your need
  • 24hr Helpline: 1-800 Help Line : 1-800 218 2885

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